13. August 2020 - 18:30
Cafe Capriccio, Albany
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Sicily Wine Dinner ft. Chef Ric Orlando | Thursday, 13. August 2020

A Sicilian Wine Dinner at Cafe Capriccio

Presented by Chefs Ric Orlando, Jim Rua, Franco Rua

Ric Orlando and the Rua family are teaming up to offer Old World inspired dinners, demos and classes at Cafe Capriccio. This first dinner will celebrate the delicious and authentic dishes and wines Chef Ric’s shared on his 2019 Sicily tour. They will also be co-marketing amazing trips to Italy as soon as conditions allow.New trips are in the works, stay tuned.



Sesame Focaccia, Summer Caponata, Olive Cunzate, Formaggi Siciliano, Franco Rua’s Salume

Cocktail: Garabaldi Spritz: Blood orange, Contratto, Aperol, Prosecco

Wine: Tenute Tasca "Mozia" Grillo Terre Siciliana 2019

The art of the premeal is so wonderfully Italian. Who doesn’t love preparing oneself for dinner by eating and drinking first?


Pasta Tasting

Pasta *** Sarde, Busiate pasta with wild fennel, sardines, pinenuts, raisins

One of the national dishes of Sicily accenting the influences of the Medterranean and North Africa

Pasta “Alla Norma” Spaciatelle pasta, fresh tomatoes, golden, silky eggplant, basil and Ricotta Salata

Named for Bellini’s heroine of one of his most famous operas. Sicilians describe everything they deem outstanding as “una vera Norma” (“a real Norma”).

Wine: Tasca d'Almerita "Regaleali" Nero d'Avola 2017


Involtini “Surf and Turf”

“Falsomagro”, sausage, cheese and egg stuffed flank steak with red wine pan sauce

Spada Thin slices of swordfish stuffed with bread, herbs, capers, garlic, dressed with “Salmorglio” sauce

Prime cuts of Meat are a luxury item for many Sicilians, so stuffing lesser cuts is the name of the game. Falsomagro literally means “False Lean”.

Swordfish Involtini is yet another method of stretching the protein to feed the family, with stunning and satisfying results.

Wine: Masseria Setteporte Etna Rosso 2017


Barbebietola e Insalata di Arancine Stile Etna, Beet and orange salad with pickled onions, arugula and goat cheese “snow”, Etna style


Dessert Arancini, crispy rice ball stuffed with pistachio studded ricotta cannoli filling, dressed with marsala sauce

Sicilians live for Rice ***** and the culinary scene there is bursting with innovation. Here is ours. Dessert Arancini

Dinner will be held in the entire restaurant of Cafe Capriccio with limited availability while we continue to uphold current state mandated guidelines to keep our guests and staff safe. Each party will have their own table. Please indicate in check out if you would like to be at a table with others who purchased separately.