06. August 2020 - 18:15 till 20:00
Albany Bike Rescue, Albany
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Thursay Night Bicycle Tune-Up Class | Thursday, 06. August 2020

CLASSES AT ABRPart of ABR's mission is the dissemination of bicycle maintenance and repair skills and related information. To further that end ABR offers a monthly rotation of introductory classes on Thursday nights for Members. In any given month the schedule would be as follows.1st Thursday : Wheels2nd Thursday : Brakes3rd Thursday : Shifters-DerailleursThe 4th Thursday will be used to address any concerns, interests, or questions that may arise as the proceeding classes play outInstruction begins at 6 each Thursday.These are introductory classes, planned to run around an hour. While there is some logic in the progression of classes, one is not directly dependent upon another, so take the ones you want, skip the ones you don't, or take it some other time.-WEEK 1- The first class would be intended to familiarize one with anatomy of a wheel, how to remove a freewheel or cassette if necessary, and the basic workings of cup and cone bearings. We will address the mechanics of truing a wheel and how ‘trueness' can affect braking. And while we've got the wheel off the bike we can inspect the tire and make sure the tube holds air.-WEEK 2- That would lead to the types of brakes, rim or hub? Canti or Caliper? How they work and why you might want one over another, covering how to do basic adjustments, replace brake pads, address squeaks and such.-WEEK 3- Now that the wheels are straight, spinning freely and under control we can move on to shifting. Here we try to identify BROAD categories of shifters and derailleurs, point out the difference between indexed and friction, cover the names and purposes of the various small parts, how to perform adjustments, and making the call between repair or replace.You could probably get a bike that has suffered from benign neglect, (as apposed to abuse or wet) up and running by addressing these issues. But our hope would be to give an individual a basic familiarity with how a bike is put together, how the different parts work together, and a comfort level with the basic tools used in their upkeep that would make the pursuit of further skills more intriguing, as well as more straight forward and rewarding.Classes on other topics, such as How to pull a Bottom Bracket, or Fork Replacement could be scheduled as interest is identified.Please remember that our space is limited, and other work will be going on at the same time. So we ask that those interested in classes sign up using these tickets so that we can be prepared for those who come and make the best use of our space.