Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group | Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center at Children's HealthCare Center | Tuesday, 07. November 2017

Stella’s Hearts is a free support group for families who have experienced the loss of a child via miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. This is an ongoing monthly safe space to share experiences, process feelings, and begin to find healing. Pregnancy loss and the death of a baby can be isolating and seldom talked about. Led by a Bereavement Doula, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Licensed Professional Counselor, this group will be a safe place to share with those who understand loss.
  • Is it possible for me to come late? I have an appointment until 7, I can be there at 7:10?
  • Please note the January date change - this month's session will be January 9th (not the 2nd) as many are still on holiday break. This is a one time only change - all other months will still be the first Tuesday of the month. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  • Thank you for tonight, it helped more than you'll ever know. My husband wants to join next month. See you all then!
  • Do spouses often attend as well? i plan to come to the first one alone as my husband has to be with our oldest for basketball that night.