08. October 2019 - 8:30
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Building a Better Backlog - Agile Product Owner Training | A2Agile | Tuesday, 08. October 2019

If you've heard "We took an hour to estimate one story", or "We don't really have anything to demonstrate at our Sprint Review", or "Many of our stories carry over to the next Sprint" then you probably have a backlog problem. This is good to understand. Because, If you fix your backlog then these problems quickly go away. 
'Building A Better Backlog - Product Owner Training' is a detailed immersion in the tools, tasks, and ceremonies essential for creating dramatically better backlogs. This 3-day course teaches how to contextualize and understand your product, how to create highly effective agile user stories, and a disciplined structure for user story writing which makes it simple to write stories right, the first time. 
Master the skills essential for creating great Agile backlogs. The job of managing an Agile backlog is complex. Product Owners juggle multiple sources of ideas, balance competing priorities, and meet a variety of different stakeholder expectations, all while working to beat their competitors. This workshop provides detailed direction on how to gain competitive advantage while doing these difficult tasks.
Participants learn nine different powerful tools for creating great Agile backlogs, including:

Value stream maps

Object diagrams


Persona maps

Story maps

Inquiry story templates

Acceptance criteria

Paper prototypes

Business visions

Participants use their actual projects for most of the class exercises, so they leave with real work accomplished. They practice using a revolutionary new inquiry story template for writing user stories. This template makes it almost impossible to write a bad user story.  
​In addition, participants practice ceremonies for ideation, user selection, work prioritization, and user feedback. As a result, they leave with a complete workable process for creating great Agile backlogs​.
Develop a fundamental understanding of the tools and ceremonies of Solution Antropology in order to create and maintain great Agile backlogs.
Product Owners, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Quality Assurance, Coaches
Participant Comments:
"The Q&A with real life scenarios is like a coaching & support group all rolled into one! Amazing."
"I learned so much in this class. It was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!"
"Powerful method of teaching & excellent content!"
"I SO enjoyed this course! I'm really looking forward to going back & using these ideas to build better backlogs :) "
Course Includes:

Lunch on both days
Training workbook
Class completion certificate
21 PDU's

About Your Trainers:
Helene Gidley, PMP, CSMHelene is an agile coach, coach of coaches, and co-founder of A2Agile, Inc., where she provides coaching and training to teams navigating their agile journeys. She has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry at Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies bringing broad experience in coaching and training project teams. Helene is the founder of Agile Groupies, a Scrum Alliance Meetup, based in Ann Arbor with over 200 members located in the southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio area, and can be found providing training and speaking at Meetups, Agile & Beyond conferences, and PMI Chapter meetings.
Thomas MelocheThe co-founder of one of the most successful little agile software development houses in the country (Menlo Innovations LLC), and co-founder of A2Agile, Inc., Thomas Meloche has been creating, teaching, and implementing agile methodologies for almost two decades. He consults on how to leverage ceremony, feedback, and metrics to achieve higher levels of engagement and success. Now working at some of the world's largest firms, he has overseen the delivery of hundreds of agile projects with budgets counted in the billions.