17. August 2017 - 11:11
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Oregon Eclipse 2017 | Big Summit Prairie, Ochoco National Forest | Thursday, 17. August 2017

Oregon Eclipse 2017 is a 7 day international gathering celebrating the total solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017. Produced by a consortium of 13 of the worlds premier independent arts & music festivals, OE17 will be a global synaesthesia of art, ideas, music, dancing and international community.

We welcome Bass Coast Festival (Canada), Beloved Festival (Oregon) Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Hadra Trance Festival (France), Noisily Festival of Music and Arts (UK), Festival Ometeotl (Mexico), Origin Festival (S. Africa), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Re:birth Festival (Japan), Science and Nonduality Conference (USA), SONIC BLOOM (Colorado), Symbiosis Gathering (California), and Universo Paralello Festival (Brazil)!

We are overwhelmed and deeply touched by the amount of support that has been expressed for the experience that lies before us. As we desire to have a safe and reasonably sized event, we are nearing our CAP for attendance at Oregon Eclipse.

From March 22 to April 20, we are offering our final tier of passes through the Cosmic Alignment Lottery. All persons who have missed out of the previous four tiers of passes can enter, and we will send an email to those selected on May 1.

We are ecstatic to share this experience with those able to attend and hope that wherever you find yourself this August, you are able to witness the eclipse in some shape or form.

The adventure calls us onward!

COSMIC ALIGNMENT PASSES : http://bit.ly/OE17passes

Listen to our stages, find onsite offerings, and other juicy info nuggets:

Kids 12 and under are FREE!
Experience Passes are FULLY TRANSFERRABLE!

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the event page, all requests and offers of sale for Experience Passes will be deleted from this event page. if you are looking to sell or purchase an Experience Pass via secondary market do so at this FB group: https://bit.ly/OE17UnofficialResale

  • Looking for one ticket, hoping to make the trip down with my partner. Much love πŸ’œ
  • Where can you buy the tickets for the event? Regular passes? I'm only seeing extra amenities.
  • Selling two early entry passes to Eclipse. Ensure a good camping spot and less time waiting in line. Bought for US$112 and selling for US$80 for both. DM me if you're interested
  • Looking for an RV pass! Hit me up if you have one you'd like to get rid of.
  • Anyone have two tickets for sale and a car camping pass?πŸ™πŸ’•
  • Hi, I couldn't find a vessel that could bring me on a affordable price and in short time span, back and forward between Oregon and Europe...So unfortunately I have to sell my ticket. It's one of those early birds ones. Anyone interested?
  • hi there, my fiance and I will be travel down from Alaska and are looking for a total of two passes and possibly a car pass.Thanks so much in advance!
  • Have 1x ticket up for grabs Catch is I bought it on a payment plan, so would have to wait until the 1st of August (date of the last payment) to receive the ticket from me. Send me a PM if you are interested :)
  • I am looking for a ride from Portland international airport to Oregon Eclipse 2017.
  • Is there anyone driving from Portland International airport to the festival on Thursday night than can give two aussie girls a lift! We would be forever indebted to you, chip in for petrol and bring all the lols!
  • Does the festival end Wednesday night or Wednesday morning?
  • I'm looking for 1 ticket for Oregon Eclipse 2017 on August 17, 2017.
  • I've got $360 and a custom-made tie dye masterpiece for someone who wants to sell a ticket! If you have one, PM me.
  • Looking for two early entry passes. We have tickets already just wanting to go earlier after all! :) How do?
  • In need of a parking pass! πŸ’— I mean if we need to hike our asses in we'll make it happen... but a parking pass would be killer :)
  • Have 2 tickets to sell, 450$ each, can be paid in € as well.
  • One ticket for sale. PM me
  • I'm looking for 1 ticket for Oregon Eclipse 2017 (Regular) on August 17, 2017.
  • So, wondering what time would be a good time to get there if I don't wanna spend 4+hours in line?
  • Possibly looking to by a ticket wanting to trade cash and possibly art work please let me knowww would love to make this want to see what it's all about and I mean man can't really miss it if I can help it !!! Much love and thankkk youuuusssss πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
  • Looking to buy 1 or 2 tickets to this wonderful event! Pretty please πŸ€—
  • Hi there (: looking for any info on the symbee volunteer program. My partner and I both applied a couple of months ago and haven't heard anything. Has anyone else heard back or know anything about when we'll find out if we're accepted? Thanks for your help! <3
  • ATTN Oregon eclipse Festival goers--- Seeking road trip buddy for Oregon Eclipse Festival coming from either Reno or the East Bay area. Its a 9 hour drive from Reno. I am thinking we can get there in 1-2 days taking the straight shot route, and then on our way back I would LOVE to take the relaxed leisurely route back along hwy 1 & 101 along the coast, we can camp and air bnb our way back. But I am open to just driving there in 1 day and driving bAck in one day if a person with a car can go but only do that, my main goal is getting a car to the festival, it makes life easier to set up camp etc. But if you were down for the coastal route back, I am in. I did that drive last year to spread my fathers ashes and it was breathe takingly beautiful. Only catch, I am in search of some one with a car, preferably a SUV or Truck. Holler at your girl. This plan would mean we would probably be gone April 15-27, flexible. I have a car pass (essential for festival set up) and can pitch in for gas. I love thiS route and am happy to split driving shifts. Jess Kosichek & Dae Starkweather let me know if you want in on this plan if I can make it happen or keep me posted on how you plan to get there :) *crosses all fingers & toes*
  • How do I transfer ticket names?
  • Looking for someone at the fest that is ordained....?!?!?!? 😁