12. September 2019 - 9:30 till 12:30
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Time Management | Park City Consulting Ltd | Thursday, 12. September 2019


If your staff are struggling with completing tasks on time or consistently show up to work late, it may be worth sending them on a time management course.
Time management is highly important in the business environment.
Your staff needs to be organised and they need to be able to keep track of time if they are to increase productivity.
Staff members with effective time management skills are not only better organised, they also tend to have lower stress levels.
Many studies have shown that employees with higher stress levels are more prone to illness too, making time management a truly important thing in the workplace.
By investing in our time management course Essex, your employees need to take less time off and will be able to manage their workload much more effectively.


The Balancing Act
The role of the Manager
Key Responsibilities
Identifying the ‘essential skills’ needed for managing your time
Beware the Busy Manager
Planning and Prioritising
Benefits of Planning and Prioritising
How to utilise the different tools to help you plan and prioritise
Personal Time Stealers
Defining your personal time stealers and how to deal with them
Handling interruptions
Overcoming procrastination
The art of delegation
Utilising delegation as a ‘development’ tool
Action Plan
Stop, Start, Continue
Personal Action Plan


Our time management course is suitable and beneficial for all employees at any level, and can help your employees when it comes to meeting those important deadlines.


Manage your time with confidence
Prioritise tasks
Manage your workload effectively