20. August 2020 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Yoga Nidra with Melody | Purna Yoga 828 | Thursday, 20. August 2020

This event has been postponed.  Updates coming soon!  thanks Melody

An opportunity to learn about and experience Yoga Nidra.  This deeply restful guided practice takes you on a journey, releasing and relaxing the body, the intellect, seeing your emotions on a movie screen without attachment. Walking into the light of consciousness and placing the sankalpa, your positive intention, into it’s waters. Watching it ripple across your consciousness and into your life.
Wear comfortable clothing  Bring your own mat if you like, all props will be provided.   Yoga Nidra is most often practiced lying down in shavasana. Variations are available to suit your physical needs. 
Any further questions please contact Melody at melodycooperkw@gmail.com  or 305 395 0342
And---   you will receive a copy of the Nidra session for your personal use!