12. August 2018 - 14:00
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8-week Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Training (EIRT) - Mindfulness | 465 Boulevard SE | Sunday, 12. August 2018

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Training (EIRT) is an 8-week program designed to introduce the philosophy and practices of mindfulness. Through the formal practice of meditation, we endeavor to grow an intimate and friendly relationship with ourselves and our minds that empowers us to be present with our lives from a space of authenticity, openness, and compassion. Cultivating a connection to ourselves allows for a deeper presence in our lives, a robust understanding of our emotional states and subsequently a spaciousness for responsiveness instead of reactivity, and a resilient mindstate in our relationship with ourselves, others, and our lives as a whole.
Please register here. Once registered you can pay for the program via Paypal before the first class or by cash or check at the first class. Cost is $75/person.