28. March 2018 - 21:00
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Jamee Cornelia//Niah Lyrical//Chel XI//Zap Brautigan//Valore//Crust | The Bakery Atlanta | Wednesday, 28. March 2018

Chel Xi the best DJ in the city with all the best sounds mixed around

Jamee Cornelia a disease that is very contagious and very good for your health, high energy gritty hiphop

Niah Lyrical the fastest, illest, and smoothest emcee in the city

Zap Brautigan psychedelic improv transmitting frequencies from another galaxy

Lady Valore rhymes galore to help you soar and explore your head a little more

Crust pysch/prog gods from New Jersey coming to take you to another dimension

Liberty Van Zandt raw, organic noise you can feel in your cells