01. January 2020 - 0:00
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Coaching: Mega Buyer Agent Skills | Keller Williams Realty, Inc. | Wednesday, 01. January 2020

As a buyer's agent for the Kokoszka Group, Shon sold over 100 Buyers per year. Learn the scripts, dialogues and systems The Kokoszka Group used!

What you can expect

• Learn how to modify your personality type and scripts to connect with every prospect.
• How to field an incoming call using transitions, embedded commands, tie downs and the A,B,C approach to scheduling appointments.
• Learn effective lead generation techniques used by top Buyer’s Agents.
• Understand the key elements of a successful buyers presentation and learn new strategies on getting the Agency agreement signed every time.
• Memorize scripts and dialogues that are cutting edge.
• Develop skills to close buyers while showing homes.
• Learn negotiation strategies that will seal the deal.
• Learn new strategies on how to manage your A, B and C buyer leads, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.
• Learn how to get more referrals from your past clients and SOI.
• Learn how to overcome the most common objections and close the deal.
• Learn communication techniques to keep your buyers informed and engaged during the post purchase / pre closing phase.
• Learn cutting edge techniques on how to follow up with and close internet leads.
• Hear from a Buyer’s agent that closes over 100 buyer sides per year on how to use your time more efficiently.
• Learn to set SMARTER GOALS and improve your mindset.

Program consists of 16 weekly one-hour coaching calls.