18. September 2017 - 21:00
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Fort to Famous Open Mic | The Buzz Mill | Monday, 18. September 2017

Every Monday we have new featured performers from authors to poets, from storytellers to musicians, along with a sign up Open Mic portion. We're a new event here in Austin, so please come out and show your support for the local performance scene! The Open Mic portion is open to anyone, poets, comedians, musicans, and spoken word performers of the like!
  • Got a meeting tonight; will be at your Grand Show next week.
  • We're having a special Open Mic this coming Monday! Need a place to be this Christmas? Need an excuse to ditch the family drama? Whatever the case may be, come spend your holiday with us over at the Fort for our Santa's Leftovers Open Mic Showcase! We'll have featured performances by some local Austin talent, and a potluck! We'd love to have ya, the showcase runs from 6-8pm followed by our regularly scheduled Open Mic from 8-11pm.
  • Anyone know what time signup is?
  • Loved your Event; be there next week...just moved into new place.
  • With it being a holiday week lots of people are busy with family events, so I asked one poets from one of the past features to return for another feature tonight! Brian Lamont is our feature and let me tell you a little about what to expect from him tonight: Brian is also a transplant here to Austin from NYC, and if it's anything we know being from NYC they do the holidays up to the nines during the winter. Any place else just pales in comparison imo. For me I'm reminded of that every holiday I spent away from my family. With Brian also being away from NYC and his family today, I asked him to use that as a writing prompt for this evening. I also asked if he felt so inclined maybe share a memory of his holiday experience. Brian Lamont will be on at 8:30pm, so show up early for a spot to sit as the show starts at 8pm! The Open Mic portion is open to almost all types of performance art (my stage can only allow so much 😉), so if you want to perform and aren't sure if you can feel free to ask. Sign up starts at 7:45pm.
  • The feature this week is Molly Fischer! A little bit about her: Molly Fischer is 28 year old singer songwriter from Kansas. A few months ago she moved to Austin with her band Geoffe and Everybody. Molly has a new acoustic project in the works that is currently nameless. Come see Molly Fischer play as a solo act this Monday November 13th, at Buzz Mill! She'll be on stage at 9pm. The Open Mic portion is welcome to all types of spoken word, music, poetry, and comedy, which starts at 8pm!
  • A poem shared by Chuck Taylor, mysticpoetics@gmail.com. Poem he scribbled in Heidegger's Poetry, Language, and Thought. I feel part of some old country lore. Surely I did this at least once before. Here I sit in a busted old pick-up Riding with neighbor Jake, drunk, Swirling down an old country road Headed out to pick up a big load Of bourbon, whisky, and beer And my frisky driver has no fear. Beer on the way and he's a god. Let's hope his truck don't throw a rod. The woods tonight are blacker than dark And we two travel on a risky lark To bring back to where it's not sold Various spirits, plus beer, ice cold. My neighbor's a twenty-year drunk. That sends his wife into a deep funk. He's given up commuting to his city job And must from his poor wife's purse rob. But the drive across the country line Cures all his troubles, makes life fine. The wind is rustling our thin grey hair. Stars blink above friendly everywhere. Booze takes us out of the woods of woes. We feel we dodge all the bad life throws. Chuck will be featured this Monday, November 6th and on stage at 9:30pm!
  • This Monday October 30 we will have another feature, Rileyann Baumer. A little bit about our feature: Rileyann is a local Austin singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist, playing the guitar, piano, mandolin, and harmonica. Her music style is in the realms of Americana with a melodic twist. On the sidelines Rileyann is an avid coffee drinker, hence her excitement for The Buzz Mill! Join us this coming Monday at 9:30pm to see the beautiful melodies Rileyann has to offer! As always we have an Open MIc portion that welcomes all types of performance, from poetry to prose, and music to comedy, it's all gravy, baby. Sign up starts at 8:30, so be sure to sign up early to get on it!
  • This week I pulled the term "A Voice" from my journal, for the topic to write about tonight for the Open Mic. I feel it is a fitting topic given the recent social media convergence of the recognition of sexual assault. The word associations for the term "a voice" are: murmur; whisper; holler; soft; husky; sultry; conscience; instinct. For the purpose I intended the term "a voice" to be used I decided to omit the words "husky", "sultry", and "instinct", as I didn't feel it apply at this time. I felt the words "murmur", "whisper", "holler" and "soft" were all descriptors of "a voice" so I used them as such, whereas "conscience" is a different type of "voice", an internal moral compass of sorts. According to my dictionary app the word "voice" has numerous definitions, so I pulled the ones to share that are most suited to my needs this evening. voice- 7. expression in spoken or written words, or by other means; 8. the right to present and receive consideration of one's desires or opinions; 12. the person or other agency through which something is expressed or revealed. The word "conscience" we often relate to Jiminy Cricket from "Pinocchio" likened to an internal disembodied voice that is not our own that we "hear" to judge the subjective terms "right" and "wrong". According to my dictionary app the word "conscience" means- 1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in ones' conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action; 2. the complex of ethical and moral principals that controls of inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual. According to my dictionary app the origin of the word conscience is from between 1175-1225 from the word "conscientia" which means- knowledge, awareness, conscience. I wrote a short piece about this already, I will share it at the Open Mic tonight. Feel free to join me on this subject and your interpretation of the term "a voice" if you like. If not no worries! Just bring yo fine selves.
  • Who was the performer whose name was Riley something? Does she have a SoundCloud? Or somewhere to follow her?