13. January 2018 - 4:00 till 18:00
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Ladies Only Hike - Bridge To Nowhere (Azusa, CA) | Azusa, California | Saturday, 13. January 2018

- - - -

Facebook: www.socalexploration.com
IG: @_socalx_

Like all SoCalX events, this hike is ADULTS ONLY, and NO DOGS are allowed.
Hike at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything you do of your own accord. Likewise, we're not responsible if you don't get an Adventure Pass.

-shoes & warm clothes you don't mind getting wet
-dry shoes
-plenty of water
-protein snacks

- - - -

SAN DIEGO Group - 6am @ Park n Ride:
We're leaving from the Sorrento Valley Park & Ride (in the Goodwill lot under the 5 and 56 interchange) at 6am SHARP! Get there early if you expect to find a ride. If you're late, you're on your own. Look for the bright yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser with Wonder Woman spare tire cover. That belongs to your host, Amy Codiamat.
We need all attendees to make an effort to consolidate into as few a cars as possible, and each car needs an Adventure Pass(see below).

Everyone going directly to the Trailhead:
Get here as early as you can and get started on the hike. Please don't wait around. There will be too many people to start at the same time.
Parking is extremely limited! Please carpool with your friends. EVERY car must have an Adventure Pass(see below)

Trailhead Address:
Camp Bonita Road, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
Azusa, CA 91702
Trailhead Coordinates:
34.23696, -117.765119
(34° 14′ 13.05″N 117° 45′ 54.42″W)

PARKING PERMIT (REQUIRED): If you plan to drive, you will need to purchase an Adventure Pass prior to the event. You cannot get one on the day of the hike. DayPass is $5, or a YearPass is $30. These permits can be bought at REI and other popular sports/outdoor retailers. You can also find a local vendor here:

- - - - -
There WILL be cold water flowing in the river, and requires that you cross it 5 to 7 times! If you do not feel comfortable doing so, please do not RSVP!

The trail to the Bridge to Nowhere is mostly gradual with rugged terrain and rock scrambling. Wading through water is unavoidable (at least in wet months), so pack appropriate footwear. Hiking boots, water shoes, and a towel is the best combination. The hike up the canyon has a minimum of four river crossings. Trekking in wet shoes is not ideal, and while it is tedious to change your footwear throughout the hike, your feet may thank you.

**Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.
Littering, vandalism, and destruction of wildlife will not be tolerated!
  • Monarca Eli we still doing this?
  • This event shows starting at 4 am but in the body it says San Diego Group 6 am meet. 🧐
  • 1k signed
  • Kysha Teresa Coveyspears La Negra Adelle. Are we going?
  • Do you plan to leave at 4am? Lots of bears and coyotes out...
  • I’ve done this before, but 14 miles😜😇😍 Most memorable hike to date. Had Loved ones with ME😜
  • 1000 people?!?!
  • The Bridge to Nowhere is nowhere near Mt. Baldy. Not sure why the map shows that. To get the trailhead, go up San Gabriel Canyon Road out of Azusa then turn right on East Fork Road, trailhead is about 6 miles in on East Fork Road. 😀
  • Is there a waiver we need to sign for this?
  • FYI: we also have a public Facebook group called 'SoCal eXplorers (Official)'. Anyone is welcome to join. If you can't make the Bridge to Nowhere hike, you can definately find some others there to go at a future date. Or whatever you want to do 😁
  • It's coming up quick, ladies. If you haven't already, please read the pinned post and event description! All the details you need are already posted. We need everyone on the same page to make this work with so many people. Check out our Facebook page for more events, and more information about SoCalX 👇
  • 4:00 @ Yolanda? 😀
  • I have been there it's a nice hike and owners at that time Danny & Pat were so very kind CB led the way full of knowledge about surrounding areas. Great memory hope you all enjoy as much as I did. - PEACE.
  • Annette Del Real, Vanessa Roldan alright ladies we are all interested ...let’s do it!! Put it in your calendars 📆
  • Let's do it !!!
  • It looks good!!'
  • Amanda Green ride together??
  • This hike isn't easy. Definitely not a beginner hike. Be prepared.
  • Awesome. Gonna be a great day. It is a beautiful hike. Take note that the bridge and 50 acres around it are owned and operated by a bungee jumping company. You can jump if u like. Bungeeamerica.com is the company.You may only cross the bridge between 2 painted red lines, pratically single file. The private property is clearly marked. For those who may want to jump in the pools. YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK THAT WATER IS FREEZING. LOL!!! I think we may hike a little past the bridge as it seemed there was much much more to explore. Look for the ladies wearing SoCalX shirts. OH AND THIS IS MY 50TH BIRTHDAY HIKE. See you on the trail.
  • I'm interested in going again!!!
  • I'm in ladies are we hiking and jumping?
  • Looking forward to this...making new friends meeting over coming new challenges...
  • Thanks for the invite I'm going to the Boyz II Men concert I wouldn't be home in time
  • Iesha Jackson
  • The massive interest has created a crowding issue. We are asking for your help in making this work by agreeing to these guidelines for the day: --It's free! --There is no official start time. Get there and start as early as you like, especially if you tend to have a slower pace. You could even go out there and camp the night before if you're extra motivated. 🏕 --If you are coming in a group, please get a permit. --No children under 18. No dogs. --This is not a beginners hike. It is 9 miles of rough terrain that includes about 1600ft elevation gain and 5-7 river crossings. You may be getting wet in cool weather! If this is too much for you or you're not sure if you can physically handle it, please do the hike another time. It's already going to be packed 😏 --Parking is going to be a nightmare. Please, please, please carpool with your friends! ----We are ALL responsible for taking care of the trail and the land. This many people can very easily have a negative impact. No destruction or vandalism of any kind will be tolerated. If you see anything, please send any pictures, names, or information directly to SoCalX. We will contact the proper authorities. ----And take lots of pictures! We'll be doing a big feature with all your submissions on our Facebook page and Instagram(@_socalx_). Please give us a follow and lend your support for future events! 👇 One last thing, to try to alleviate a bit more of the crowd, we're hosting another hike at the exact same time in southeast San Diego County. Link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1552492698130358/?ti=cl