27. April 2020 - 0:45
Crowne Plaza Hotel, 105, West Fayette Street, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201, USA, Baltimore
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2nd Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference | Monday, 27. April 2020

We are happy to declare our 2nd Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference (World Nano 2020)'' which is going to held during April 27-29, 2020 at Baltimore, USA. World Nano 2020 will be a platform for the academicians, researchers, examiners, industrialists and related masters in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from everywhere throughout the world for information sharing, trading thoughts, team up and to exhibit their examination results pretty much all parts of their work and application encounters, to build up research or business relations, and to discover worldwide accomplices for future coordinated effort in the field of Nanotechnology.

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Nanotechnology 2020 Scientific Sessions:

Nanoscience and Technology
Sustainability Nanotechnology; Drug Delivery and Nano Particles;
Molecular Nanotechnology; Bionanoscience; Lipid Nanoparticles;
Nanofliuidics and Nanoionics; Nanobiopharmaceutics

Nanobiotechnology & Nanosafety
Nanobiotechnology : Impact of Nanobiotechnology; Regulations of Nanobiotechnology;
Roller Nanoimprint; Electron Projection Lithography; Ultrafast Nanoimprint; Nanobiomolecular Engineering

Nanosafety: Genetic sequence using DNA-tagged gold nanoparticles; Nanotechnology Regulations; Carbon Nanotube Filters; Strategic and Nuclear Disarmaments; Disaster Management

Life Sciences & Nanomedicine
Medical Technology; Nano-diagnostics, Imaging and nano-therapy techniques; Cell Repair therapy; DNA Nanotechnology; Biomarkers and Biosensors; Measurement of Health Risk; Nanoproteomics and genomics; Protein Nanocrystallography; Organ-on-a-chip

Nanocharacterization & Nanomanufacturing
Nano Tribology; Nano Sensors and Actuators; Nanoscale Particles Microscopy; Quality of Nanosystem; Regulatory aspects towards Approval of Nanomedicine and nanostructures

Nanochemistry & Wet Nanotechnology
Graphene & Fullerenes; Medicinal Nanochemistry ; Nanotechnology in clothing ; Brownian motion in wet nanotech; Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

Energy and Environment
Novel Generation in Energy storage; Nonnuclear Materials; Oil & Gas; Nano-energy; Nano Solar Cells; Nanofuels; Nano Batteries; Nano fibers

Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics
Nanoelectronic Biomedical Devices; Nanofabrication; Molecular electronics; Nanotube transistors; Modern optics; MEMS and NEMS Devices; Micro/ Nanolithography and MOEMS; Quantum dot; photodetectors; Surface micromachining

Please go through the provided link for more sessions: https://worldnanotechnologyconference.com/program/scientific-sessions

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