20. August 2020 - 18:00 till 19:00
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Put on Your Thinking Cap | Maine Maritime Museum | Thursday, 20. August 2020

Crystal Cawley, maker of Thinking Cap Number 3: Math Bonnet for Ada Lovelace featured in the Interwoven exhibit, will discuss the inspiration and history behind her Thinking Caps, a series of paper headpieces started in 2012. Ada Lovelace navigated social expectations of women in the 19th century to become a successful pioneer in computer programming.  Cawley will introduce how her work speaks to the challenges of women who broke social conventions and introduce the origin of the phrase “put on your thinking cap”.
Cawley, a member of the Maine College of Art faculty, will also share her personal research into the lives and occupations of women as reflected in paper objects and the ways in which this history inspires her work.
This workshop is part of the Donnell Family Forum, a series of exhibits, workshops, and lectures inspired by the lives of the Donnells, a 19th century family whose home is now a part of Maine Maritime Museum.