29. March 2019 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Art Of Living Happiness Program | Dance Studio, Korpi Ice Rink | Friday, 29. March 2019

Ask any Art of Living teacher how one acquires an unshakable smile. You will get the simplest yet most profound knowledge: By using the breath. Is it really as easy as that? Let's discover!
What to expect?

Guided Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditations

Lean Powerful Breathing practice "Sudarshan Kriya"

Interactive Group Discussions/ processes

Ayurveda knowledge of leading a holistic life

Learn a home practice that can be practiced everyday on your own

Are all 3 sessions mandatory?
Yes. The program builds upon itself every day. So it is very important that you attend each session
Contact: 201-681-5432