16. December 2017 - 8:00 till 18:00
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2017 Eddie Kalamau Memorial Volleyball Tournament | The Courts In Beaverton | Saturday, 16. December 2017


Team fee is $150.00 - 6's doesn’t matter who is on the team it can be made of: women/men/mixed
Nets will be at men’s height
Lower/Upper Division
Lower division- Round robin games with a playoff game for each upper/lower bracket
Upper Division- Pool Play games, then single elimination bracket
1. Kalamau-Hallford Ohana*
2. Eddie Kalamau III/Team RamRod*
Coaches, old and broken*
Arroyo/Serves Up*
5. Alli Branch/Dream Team*
6. Ken sibert/The Upsetters*
Mess Express*
2. Rafeal/RAF*
3. Oscar Chavez/Newbury College*
4. Kristina Kifyak/Team Kristina*
5. Tim Louge/Team Louge*
6. Hoss/Mall Walkers*
7. Ted Patterson/Team Patterson*
8. Eric Latson/Caliente*
9. Juan/Mustache Rides*
10. Kelsey Dorpat/Mixed Breeds*
12. Alicia Smith/Ballers*
13. Abigail Garwood/Pepper Power*
14. Rob Stanton/Pass and Hitties*
15. OJVA P+C/Kalani E*
C+P/ Kalani E*

This is a FUNdraising volleyball tournament to help support the Ohana that Eddie left behind with his sudden passing in 2014. The money raised from the tournament pay for Shaddie and Kiela Kalamau's Volleyball club fees.

We will try our best to get this done early in the evening in case people have holiday tournaments to get to!
The Divisions are the same as previous tournaments-Lower (never played, just there for fun/beginners) . and Upper (everyone else)
  • Hi Everyone! I've updated the team lists, we have 2 spots in upper left!! Anyone still want to make a team?
  • Free agent
  • What time is first serve at?
  • Good Morning!! 5 Days until the tourney! We are getting excited and gathering raffle items, and getting the schedule together for the tourney. We plan to have the schedule out on Thursday evening, but in order to do that, we need all the teams to register online and pay the team fee. (See the link below), We will have lunch available starting at about 1130-12 Thank you to Try Some Hawaii by Noel Calotis is an awesome cook! We will have a square machine available to accept cards for lunch and the raffle items! Thank you again for supporting our Ohana, it means the world to us! See ya'll soon!!
  • Have a team wanting to enter in upper, is there still a spot? Is lower skill level really beginning only or is it more competitive?
  • Spot in upper division please!!! Will register soon!
  • Spot in the upper division please 😊
  • Can I have a spot in the upper division please?
  • Put me down for a team in Upper. I'll get to work on this!
  • Free Agents: Russell McMurray Justin Riel Polly Bisquera Jered Cuenco Vinh Nguyen Chris Brindle Marsil Vasquez Tejada Jann So
  • I'd like to be put as a free agent as well. Pretty decent at everything.
  • Free Agent available. RSH/Oppo good defense rated BB. Let me know!
  • If slow and old with no passing skills passes for upper put me in as a free agent
  • Put me down as a free agent as well.
  • Free agent please
  • Hi babessss, yes I’m finally putting in a team, don’t **** me. LOVE YOU & see you there. ❤️🌺 😘
  • Can I snag a spot in upper pleaseeeee
  • Looking to play in the upper division. 5' 11". All-around player, solid defensive back row player. Any teams looking for a guy?
  • If we register as a coed team, do we need to be 3 guys & 3 ladies? Since it sounds like all teams will be intermixed in the tournament (women’s versus coed versus men’s), I wasn’t sure if that meant we could have any combination of genders on the same team. Also, when registering, I didn’t see anywhere to state the division my team is entering -do I just put it in the same box as my team name? Thanks!
  • Spot please
  • I need some raffle tickets cause my prego **** is not getting on that floor. Lol
  • Good Morning!! We just confirmed our food vendor!! Noel Calotis with TrySome Hawaii will be providing food for our lunch sale! It's sooooooooo good! We can't wait until Dec 16th! Who's ready to play some volleyball??
  • Spot pleaseeeee 😊 I'm excited for this year ❤️
  • I wont be in town this year for it! 😭😭😭
  • Gooooood Mornin'!!! Time to start getting your teams entered for this December's tournament! Please post here if you're planning on entering a team and i'll start a list with teams. Teams that register first are guaranteed a spot. We can't wait to see you all again! Thank you for supporting my ohana!!