16. December 2017 - 8:00 till 18:00

2017 Eddie Kalamau Memorial Volleyball Tournament | The Courts In Beaverton | Saturday, 16. December 2017


Team fee is $150.00 - 6's doesn’t matter who is on the team it can be made of: women/men/mixed
Nets will be at men’s height
Lower/Upper Division
Lower division- Round robin games with a playoff game for each upper/lower bracket
Upper Division- Pool Play games, then single elimination bracket
1. Kalamau-Hallford Ohana*
2. Eddie Kalamau III/Team RamRod*
Coaches, old and broken*
Arroyo/Serves Up*
5. Alli Branch/Dream Team*
6. Ken sibert/The Upsetters*
Mess Express*
2. Rafeal/RAF*
3. Oscar Chavez/Newbury College*
4. Kristina Kifyak/Team Kristina*
5. Tim Louge/Team Louge*
6. Hoss/Mall Walkers*
7. Ted Patterson/Team Patterson*
8. Eric Latson/Caliente*
9. Juan/Mustache Rides*
10. Kelsey Dorpat/Mixed Breeds*
12. Alicia Smith/Ballers*
13. Abigail Garwood/Pepper Power*
14. Rob Stanton/Pass and Hitties*
15. OJVA P+C/Kalani E*
C+P/ Kalani E*

This is a FUNdraising volleyball tournament to help support the Ohana that Eddie left behind with his sudden passing in 2014. The money raised from the tournament pay for Shaddie and Kiela Kalamau's Volleyball club fees.

We will try our best to get this done early in the evening in case people have holiday tournaments to get to!
The Divisions are the same as previous tournaments-Lower (never played, just there for fun/beginners) . and Upper (everyone else)