12. March 2018 - 12:00 till 18:00
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Wedding Renewal IS ON HOLD | Bedford, Indiana | Monday, 12. March 2018

Due to unexpected events our wedding renewal has been put ON HOLD, if anything changes I will make sure everyone is aware sorry for the inconvenience ♡♥♡
  • wish I could come up there with yall
  • I'm seriously thinking if have our renewal at the Louisville Zoo :-) with the Sea Lions.... Inputs???
  • Trying to get a list of people to send save the date and invites to for our renewal for March 12th 20017, if interested in receiving information private message me with address Thank you, Misty Andrews
  • Dress shopping Saturday, this is going to be weird I've never went dress shopping for wedding dresses 😀 I'm so excited... Let the wedding renewal planning start 😁
  • I want to do something like this but with my grandma and grandpa's pictures
  • Well, I'll have to check my schedule, bit I guess I try to fit it in. Hehe. Just kidding, I won't miss it for the world!
  • These are the dresses that I'm tryin to choose from, what does everyone think??? 1,2 or 3...
  • Here shortly I'm going to start getting things for our wedding/anniversary, can't wait and I have so many ideas from my maid of honor Stormi. She has been a big help with ideas and I just know she is just as excited as me :-)
  • Thinking of this dress and these type of does for the bridesmaids?? Any thoughts??
  • Got some ideas and I think I've decided on these, from the colors (sedge and sandalwood) the dresses (hope my bridesmaid Stormi Ashley-Leahy likes it) the shoes the guests signing hearts to put in a picture frame and for me and Michael Shane Andrews holding a picture of the day we got married. Everything is coming together ;-)
  • Going to do my best to be there.
  • As of right now this is the Wedding party for the wedding
  • We have picked a few songs and still thinking of more I can't wait ;-) Never Gonna Be Alone- Nickleback Is one for sure will post a list later
  • We have picked out our wedding bands already for March 12th 2017 ;-) I can't wait ;-)
  • Getting my list organized for wedding renewal, so many ideas to go through so glad to have Stormi Ashley-Leahy to help :-)
  • Some ideas love the cake
  • I have picked the Royal Ballroom at the Clarion Hotel in Clarksville Indiana for the reception, I'm going to try to find a place for the ceremony close were the reception is as well