25. October 2019 - 10:00
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horizontal school training - self-directed learning in a (too) complex world | MitOst | Friday, 25. October 2019

Learning is a lifelong challenge. This challenge has been getting more and more complicated recently. Somebody would say, a more complex world is responsible for that, and we would agree. Competencies are a new trend and the professional market speaks about them around-the-clock. Somebody would say, it’s unknown which competencies will be really up-to-date in 10 years and we would agree, but only partially.
How can we actually gain and strengthen competencies we need as individuals, citizens, people, employees, freelancers or founders? Which concrete instruments can we use instead of being confronted with a too general “learning by doing” attitude? Which competency model is making sense for you and how can you organize an effective and enjoyable learning journey in which you are your own guide?
We cover

hands-on lifelong and self-directed learning: how to deal with them in everyday life?
most popular competency models: how to find yours?
diverse learning styles: how to design individual learning paths? (self)organization, (self)monitoring and (self)evaluation methods: how to do it? procrastination in learning: how to minimize this guilty pleasure?

You experience

a program that is both intensive and enjoyable with a good balance of theory and practice
concentrated, non-hierarchical and human centered learning processes
supervision of diverse practitioners as trainers who apply what they preach
healthy, ecological refreshment breaks and lunches

You get

access to a diverse, international learning community of impact oriented professionals
confirmation of participation
an individual learning plan and a profound reader with additional texts
fair prices with an early bird or team option and a community price for members, alumni and partner of MitOst

This training fits to you if

you are searching for individual learning paths
you have a need to organize your own learning processes as effective as possible
you are in charge of individual learning processes of others
you support your team in defining its development
or you feel lost in this complex world

For more information www.horizontal.school