29. May 2019 - 13:00
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Birmingham Excellence in Assessment (BE) Community | University of Birmingham | Wednesday, 29. May 2019

Please register if you are interesting in joining the Birmingham Excellence (BE) in Assessment Community of Practice. As a member you will get updated versions of resources  and news of assessment events occuring at Birmingham and nationally. BE was set up by Professor Carol Evans within HEFi and aim is to support assessment developments at the University of Birmingham.
Key Aims

Build and connect a dynamic community that challenges, critiques and advances knowledge and understandings of assessment and feedback within higher education.
Provide a critical and supportive space for inter-disciplinary collaboration and working.
Support colleagues in using assessment and feedback evidence rigorously through research-informed and evidence-based ways to impact assessment choices.
Promote a holistic approach to curriculum design using assessment as the driver.
Frame, discuss and disseminate new ways of thinking and working in assessment and feedback at discipline and institutional level.
Empower colleagues and equip and support them to leverage their own roles and realities for the enhancement of their own practice, and in supporting others to do the same within assessment.