05. June 2019 - 14:00 till 18:00
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Nicholas Margelos' Real Fun Funeral Get Together | Salerno's Rosedale Chapels | Wednesday, 05. June 2019

Make sure to bring a dish in honor of how much i like food, also if i'm not dead by May 18th 2033 then we can all just chill and have fun.
Reasons to Come? are as follows...
great way to reconnect
probably interesting story to how i died (hoping i died at sea)
also girls are going be really sad that i'm dead ;) :)
still i'll completely understand if you already have plans, just see if you can stop by, not like my body will be going anywhere after im dead
UPDATE: as of April 21st, I've been feeling prettty depressed so I've decided to move up my FUN REAL/REAL FUN Funeral to June 5th. Hope to see yall there :)
  • i wish this would come sooner...
  • This used to be in 2033!! 2019? I'm busy that year
  • I hope your prepared because if we die tonight this will have to be canceled or rescheduled.
  • Just found out I won't be able to make it...can we postpone this? Or even set it earlier?
  • So is this still happening?
  • So there WILL be food right?
  • if anyone was wondering, there will be a live band. a Mr. Andrew Scola and a Mr. Dalen Touza will be preforming in a Styx cover band called Twigs and there goin "Rock and Roll All Night" ... ****... i mean... they will be playing till you "Kiss Your *** Goodbye" ... much better
  • Who would have do the eulogy?
  • Sorry man, I already have plans to do something generic that I made up in order to make this corny joke. I don't think I can make it! Am I funny yet?
  • ummm... will there be music?
  • **** man...I have work that day. Sorry. And if you wondering I'll be an exotic dancer trying to make it as an actor.
  • why are you predicting such a young death? i hope you make it past age 38 nick.
  • hmmm... i'll bring ur favorite dish (which is?...)
  • Because I'll still be alive....:)
  • sorry, i have a haircut scheduled for that day
  • i'll have to check my schedule
  • I'm so confused by this, Nicholas Margelos why are you planning your own funeral?
  • How come people who arnt my friends saying they are coming to this.... More importantly why are people who arnt my friends saying they ARNT coming to this?
  • i guess
  • i just wanna point out that david hayes wont be in attendance. says a lot.
  • still not sure why so many people are saying "Not Attending" ... i mean come on, its my funeral... and it's Real Fun... how could you pass this up, i mean party of a lifetime much?
  • i'm gonna entertain everyone at the party weekend at burnie's style and make you a wonderful corpse-puppet.
  • damnit nick i made reservations at applebees for that day! they probably wont let me cancel...
  • Ok if you bump that down to 2011 ill come. lolll jk