05. June 2019 - 14:00 till 18:00
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Nicholas Margelos' Real Fun Funeral Get Together | Salerno's Rosedale Chapels | Wednesday, 05. June 2019

Make sure to bring a dish in honor of how much i like food, also if i'm not dead by May 18th 2033 then we can all just chill and have fun.
Reasons to Come? are as follows...
great way to reconnect
probably interesting story to how i died (hoping i died at sea)
also girls are going be really sad that i'm dead ;) :)
still i'll completely understand if you already have plans, just see if you can stop by, not like my body will be going anywhere after im dead
UPDATE: as of April 21st, I've been feeling prettty depressed so I've decided to move up my FUN REAL/REAL FUN Funeral to June 5th. Hope to see yall there :)