20. July 2020 - 18:00 till 20:00
AT&T, Boston
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Extraordinary Performance Habits | Monday, 20. July 2020


The Boston Men’s Group represents the new era of leadership and provides men with the resources needed to succeed through personal and professional development.

The July Workshop will be a discussion on Extraordinary Performance Habits. 

Each night we will discuss a concept, engage in exercises to flex, and then we will talk about implementation and anticipated obstacles. You will walk away with actionable steps to make changes.

The workshop opens with a short meditation and moves into a discussion. Expect to bring your ideas to the table to share. Space will be limited for each class. We will be holding our meetings at the AT&T Flagship Store on Boylston St. We meet on the Third Monday.

Everyone has an opportunity to share. No judgement, 100% confidential container, and good vibes only.


We've created a space and a community designed specifically for men. A place to come and take your guard down, share what's in your heart, and be yourself. The world is changing fast, to survive you have to adapt. Some are feeling left behind, some isolate themselves. Others are seeking a brotherhood, a place to feel heard, a place to have worthwhile conversation, and to claim a positive masculinity.

We support men by providing a platform and a community, one based on personal responsibility, equality and growth. The focus is on building self-awareness and other soft-skills that we know separate the A-players from the rest. You can expect to increase your presence, your impact in the world, and to improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships by engaging with our events, classes, and coaching. If you're ready for transformation, BMG provides an exclusive platform to facilitate a powerful shift.


"I love what you have going on with Boston Men's Group. You're doing a great job... Awesome meetup last night. ******** leaning and sharing. Thank you." -Scott Stolze

"A good place to talk freely about career and personal development without judgement or negativity." - Michael Sullivan

"We all need to be doing this work." -Dave Avery

For more information go to www.bostonmensgroup.com