27. July 2024 - 9:45
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HINDSIGHT 2024: A Day Of Wondering What Could Have Been | Faneuil Hall | Saturday, 27. July 2024

Nine years have passed since a misunderstood group of ambitious businessmen (or a posse of heartless plutocrats, depending on whom you ask) put forth a vision for the City of Boston to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

As media reports from the time show, the ensuing process nearly paralyzed municipal progress and civility alike for more than a year before the US Olympic Committee severed its relationship with Boston on July 27, 2015.

Join the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism this weekend for a community discussion, and to look back on what we could have had if residents embraced the Summer Games. Has the ensuing decade been marked by chaotic piecemeal development? Or has City Hall proceeded with transparent plans, which Boston 2024 was notably lacking?

We know this invitation comes a bit far in advance, but the 27th falls on a Saturday, so we wanted to make sure you were available.

Appetizers, Happy Hour Beers, and Legal Marijuana Will Be Served.