29. July 2018 - 13:00 till 14:00
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Madison's Ride | The Handle Bar | South Boston Location | Sunday, 29. July 2018

I've been around the Paskell/Hay family for several years now. Whether they are hosting a surprise birthday party, inviting the whole crew to camp for a few nights, or are offering their time to help paint a wall or move a couch for you, they do so with genuine smiles (and maybe a beer). This family's generosity and love for those they care about is endless. Back in March my boyfriend's niece, Madison Paskell, was diagnosed with Leukemia. She had celebrated her 16th birthday just days before. Over these past few months this East Bridgewater family has rallied the troops, made the drive to Children's Hospital/The Jimmy Fund day in and day out, endured several weeks of inpatient hospital stays as well as consistent at home care. Although Maddie's health has been Chris (Hacker) and Julie's main priority at this time, they have been able to ensure that their youngest who is only six, still feels loved and secure - and they have done so with grace. 
Maddie is a champion! I am floored by her ability to get up each day and **** the challenges that await using her humor, strength, and pure will. She will recieve treatments for the next two years, the remainder of her high school career. The sacrifices she has made are some that a kid just shouldn't have to make. I have been in awe of her resilience and am certain that she will keep moving forward and beat this thing for good.
Please help me make sure that this family feels the generosity and love this time around. Join me on the bike and let's ride toward Maddie's future - a beautiful and healthy one at that!
All money goes directly to this fabulous family.