01. August 2020 - 12:00 till 17:00
Boston, Massachusetts, Boston
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March to Replace Biden - Boston | Saturday, 01. August 2020

For decades, both parties have used corporate propaganda to deride and prevent the expansion of social programs.

But while Republicans openly act against the expansion of rights for Americans, Democrats do it behind false promises of change and under a false dedication to Americans’ interests.

Establishment candidates in the Democratic Party continue to be elected without achieving any progressive change, while accepting corporate donations to legislate our tax dollars into corporate subsidies in lieu of the social programs we demand.

In a time of unprecedented opportunity provided by the circumstances of our current society, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party is holding hostage the hope for any meaningful legislation under a "Vote for us or get Trump" platform.

The needs of American Taxpayers have been ignored for decades. We deserve and demand fundamental rights as Taxpayers. FDR’s New Deal confirms that bold, Taxpayer-funded ideas are not only possible, but effective at achieving basic rights.

Our demands are based in historical successes, the current success of these ideas in individual states, or their success in countries around the world.

Millions of middle class Americans have little left to lose and we are prepared to demonstrate to demand what we deserve - and to withhold our vote to insist upon fundamental change in our electoral system.