15. July 2020 - 17:00
Boston, Boston
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Quit Smoking in Q3! | Wednesday, 15. July 2020

Try a new way to quit smoking that draws on your sources of feminine wisdom and power as you love yourself and express what's on your heart.

About this Event

“You can never have enough of what you don’t really need.” 

You’re tired of throwing away your money and your health. 

Never feeling satisfied. 

Always craving more.

You’re ready to quit smoking, but you’re afraid that you can’t handle it.

You remember times in the past when you’ve failed.

You’re not sure if you have it in you to try again. 

The good news is, you’re not alone! 

Quitting smoking can be incredibly difficult, but it can feel a lot easier (and much more fulfilling) when you know how to use strategies that work, and you have the right people supporting you.

Move beyond the mistaken belief that’s been holding you back: “I need more willpower to do this.”

Learn what really works, and take advantage of the the strength of community behind you.

Discover a holistic approach that can stack the odds in your favor. 


✓ Understand why you’ve never been able to quit in the past

✓ Build motivation that lasts 

✓ Pinpoint where to invest your time and energy to achieve maximum results 

✓ Give yourself permission to cut back at your own pace, not cold-turkey


✓ Build your self-control and willpower in a way that feels easy and doable 

✓ Separate yourself from patterns of self-sabotage and move forward with strength 


✓ Identify which of your personal needs smoking is fulfilling, and how to get those needs met in a positive way 

✓ Release yourself from the guilt that has been driving you further into dependence on cigarettes to cope


✓ Change the way you see yourself — from “I am a failure” to “My success is inevitable!” 

✓ Use this challenge as a catalyst to launch your success on your biggest dreams  


✓ Incorporate spirituality and the principles of holistic health into your healing journey 

✓ Feel confident about your ability to grow stronger through the challenge of quitting smoking 


✓ Move past habits of perfectionism and people-pleasing so that you can start living for YOU! 

✓ Design your own success team to support you through rough patches 


✓ Give your brain the fuel it needs to power through this change 

✓ Replace that hit of pleasure you get from smoking with activities that fill you up


✓ Organize your home and life so that making healthy choices is easier

✓ Establish a nighttime routine that will set you up for success tomorrow 


Group Check-In

We all answer creative free-form questions in a series of several rounds, like:

“The best thing in my life is…”

“I am really good at…”

“The nurturing I need most right now is…”

Group Coaching

I work one-on-one with anyone who would like to problem-solve their individual difficulties with quitting smoking. As individual participants talk through what is holding them back and find their solutions, all participants benefit. After all, “What you’re going through, we’re going through too!”

Then, we share with each other how “I relate with that!”

We develop a sense of community, release feelings of shame and loneliness, find answers to what has been holding us back, and learn how to move forward with confidence.


Bring a pen and a journal. You’re going to want to take notes! 

This group is packed with actionable strategies that you will be able to implement right away to help you quit smoking. 

After you RSVP, I’ll send you an email with the Zoom link where we’ll be meeting each week.


“Natalie is by far one of the most talented and authentic group leaders I have ever seen. I have been a teacher for 7 years and have seen a lot of facilitators, but few as strong as Natalie. What makes her so successful is the way that she is able to hold such strong boundaries for the participants. As a result, we feel held in a welcoming and deeply supportive space that we can bring our full selves to and know exactly what to expect when we engage in her healing circle. Furthermore, Natalie’s wealth of knowledge, personal experience, and compassion shine through with each person she is working with so that everyone is able to develop personally as the group witnesses her work with one individual at a time. She seamlessly weaves personal experience, spiritual teachings, and real-life advice into each healing session, it’s fantastic to watch and participate in. Personally, after I volunteered to share in the group, I felt empowered and held by the community in such a way that it pushed my healing forward to reach new heights. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Natalie in group or one-on-one sessions. She is a truly gifted group facilitator and healer.”

“I was first introduced to Natalie about 6 month ago, and it’s been a lesson in my emotional education since. We began with our group together by doing a meditation and stating our intentions for the group. Natalie explained to us why we gathered and asked if anyone wanted to share. Finally, when someone felt comfortable they offered to share their issue. That’s when things got really interesting. We listened to the person sharing and held space. It was so easy to hear myself in the sharer and how our pains echoed different but the same. Simultaneously Natalie was having a back and forth conversation with the sharer and little by little things started to unravel. Judgment, depression, anxiety, and shame all came up for the sharer and for me. By the end of the sharers external revelation I was also internally having my own. When I go to the group now via Zoom, sometimes I am the sharer and often I am a listener/feedback giver. Having Natalie and the group be interested in my emotions, holding space for me, and gaining more emotional intelligence along the way is a blessing. This group feels like an authentic space to be myself and to come as I am. Human or damaged or strong or beautiful and all at the same time.”

“When I began this journey, I was stuck inside this story of being lost — and full of self-loathing. I wanted someone to understand me, but I got something even better. I got someone who believed I could understand myself. What I loved about your methods was that you weren’t afraid to point things out. But you did it with such love and acceptance. I felt heard. And I felt like you were more invested in the way I saw myself rather than getting me to a conclusion I was ‘supposed’ to see. Thank you. I felt very strongly connected to you. And I never felt like you were judging me. I appreciated your respect and willingness to help me grow, and your acceptance. You rock, and I’ll never forget you.” 

“The first time I ever met Natalie, she immediately made me feel comfortable and had a way of making you me feel safe to talk openly. She taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined without me even realizing. She has never judged me, but only given me love and support throughout my journey with her. She helped me during the worst time of my life. I am so grateful for that. She tells it like it is, but in a manner that makes you think differently after the session in a very good way. She has believed in me from day one. I would highly recommend her to anyone out there.” 


I am not a medical doctor. I recommend that all participants work alongside a qualified physician in their journey to quit smoking. 

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