03. May 2018 - 17:00

Beltane XXIV (2018) A Warlords Fortune | Montgomery Bell State Park | Thursday, 03. May 2018

We are in Group Camp 1.

Pre-reg will open: 25FEB18 @ 5pm cst
Pre-reg will close: 26APR18 @ 12am cst

Troll Pricing (prices at gate):
$25 - ages 16+
$10- ages 10-15
Free ages 0-9
Day pass $10 - must be out of park by 7pm
Day pass with feast $15 - must be out of park after feast.

500 mile discount: $15 entry
Google maps must say you live a minimum of 500 miles away at the shortest route to qualify. Address used will be one on your drivers license


IF you are under 18 you will be REQUIRED to present the following items in order to get into Beltane.
-You will need a chaperone who is over 21 to be with you at the gate.
-You will need a notarized Beltane 2018 minor waiver signed by your parents.
-You will need a notarized letter from you parent stating the following: the name of the event, your name, the name of your chaperone, your parents signature.
Beltane minor waivers can be found on our website at
Event details as follows:
Sir Takus (Warlord of the North)
Sir Forrest (Warlord of the East)
Warlord Shadow of Dur Demarion (Warlord of the South)
Coming soon (Warlord of the West).

How does a Warlord build his or her army? Well the old fashioned way of course, by luring them with riches and the promise of plunder. A warlord may reach an agreement with a fighter for a minimum of 10 silver pieces. The warlord may also reach agreements with unit leaders & realm representatives in order to draw entire units and realms to their ranks. However, if mass recruiting is used a roster of all members in the agreeable party must be listed and submitted to the Dur-Demarion Board for accounting purposes, and also the agreed upon price for the group of individuals in question. The minimum rate each fighter is valued at in a group bargaining agreement is 9 silver pieces, the minimum number of fighters needed to reach a group agreement is 6 total. (It is important that fighters whom a warlord has reached an agreement with are properly listed on rosters for the purposes of event accounting / logistics, especially as it pertains to food planning).

How are the silver pieces useful? Easy every person in attendance at Beltane 23 will receive a small pouch with 20 silver pieces for casino night Saturday evening. There will be many ways for you to earn and spend your silver through out the event. Silver can also be purchased at troll at the cost of $1 for 15 silver. If you would like to buy silver, you may only buy silver one time (for ease of tracking) and can only purchase $5 worth (so that it doesn't become 'pay to win')

Battle Scenarios and Rules:

Unit Battles: Three fights will be run & each winner will be rewarded from the treasury.

Last Army Standing: Each warlord will line up with their armies, each in a different corner of the field. The battles will continue until only one army remains. These will be the biggest fights, and will test your skill with a sword and your Warlords ability to muster a well rounded, or maybe just overwhelmingly large force.

Four Corners Battle for relics: Each army will have a few Relics in a shrine that needs to be defended. If your team loses their Relics they will no longer be able to respawn. The goal of the game is to destroy the other armies. Each team has a limited number of respawns, so if you can't steal their relics then you just need to slaughter them over and over. If your Relics are stolen you are not able to respawn until they are returned to your shrine. Warriors will respawn in groups of five. Spawn camping and holding another teams empty shrine will be against the rules.

Warlords Last Stand: Each army will be given 100 rez’s. Upon the exhaustion of all 100 rez’s warrior deaths will be permanent for the duration of this battle. Once a warlord is killed after the rez’s are all used the rest of the warlords army dies as well. For this final battle the power of the gods are with the warlord and his lieutenants. The warlord will deal red strikes with any melee weapon they us. The lieutenants and the warlord will be immune to missile weapons.

Tournament Info: tournaments and times will be listed on the itinerary and on the information boards at the feast hall and in front of all bath houses .

The Red: red tournament is actually a red SWORD tournament. If your weapon has more striking surface that anything else it will most likely be accepted however heralds have final say on what is and is not an acceptable weapon for the tournament.

Pole Tournament: all spears, Glaives and quarterstaves are accepted. Heralds have final say on what is a pole weapon. There will be a time limit on grappling so matches don't last too long.

Sword and Board: One sword one shield is all you get. No down stick. If you are used to using it down stick to manipulate your Shield a dagger or knife will be provided to you only for the purposes of manipulating The Shield. The dagger will do no damage and cannot be used as a secondary weapon.

Single Blue: any blue or blue/green weapon is allowed. This includes flails.

Archery: WILL NOT BE A COMBAT TOURNAMENT. It will be target shooting.