Support a Nonprofit Organization that Transforms Markets -- USGBC Florida Programs | Without financial support, we cannot produce the essential, high-quality programming and advocacy initiatives important to the Sunshine State. Charitable gifts, large and small, make a huge difference to our organization. | Sunday, 01. November 2020

Be Part of an Organization that Transforms Markets
USGBC Florida is proud to connect with best-in-class partners who share our passion and values.  Support from corporations and individuals has made USGBC Florida the leading green-building organization in Florida concerned with making change in the built environment for positive environmental impact.
We provide great value, meaningful recognition, and a rewarding partnership for our valued supporters.  The Benefits and ROI demonstrate how we accomplish this value. If you are interested in a customized package, please let us know.
USGBC Florida provides education and advocacy because of the generosity of individuals and companies that sponsor programs and our nonprofit organization, or which become Sponsors Circle members on an annual basis.
We invite your participation -- see program donor opportunities above -- and look forward to working with you to shine a bright spotlight on your support of USGBC Florida.
Questions?  Contact Sarah Boren or Lee Cooke, USGBC Florida's Directors of Market Transformation & Development.