05. September 2019 - 9:00
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Foundations of Oil Painting with Ingrid Christensen | Swinton's Art Supply, Instruction & Framing | Thursday, 05. September 2019

12-Week Foundational Workshop

September 5 - November 21, 2019
Thursdays 9am-12pm


This comprehensive course will demystify oil painting and get you off to a solid start.
You'll learn about every aspect of this ancient medium, from brushes to pigments and painting techniques.
Working with a limited colour palette, you'll practise different methods for developing oil paintings with the aim of finding the method that's right for you.
Each class will start with a group demo followed by individual instruction and demos as needed.
This course is suitable for beginners and painters in other mediums who would like to explore oils.

Ingrid Christensen - Artist Bio
Ingrid has spent her life making things. The original multitasker, she managed to incorporate a pencil and sketchbook into most activities from watching TV to picnicking by the river in her tiny home town in British Columbia, Canada.  It's possible that she didn't submit a single school paper whose margins didn't include drawings of tiny figures, herds of horses, or the view out the classroom window.
Skip ahead many years, past time spent as a high school art and English teacher, a potter, a jewelry maker, and metalsmith, and Ingrid finally discovered what she was here to do: paint. She devoted herself to learning the art, craft, and mindset of an oil painter, through reading, looking at art, and taking a select few workshops with artists Zhao Ming Wu, Ignat Ignatov, and Alex Kanevsky.
Her original influences and idols came from the French and Russian Impressionist movements, and have expanded over time to include an unmanageably-long list of painters working in genres from high realism to abstraction. The common threads running through all of the work that she admires is a focus on colour, light, and texture. It's these slippery, complex, and multifaceted elements that provide revelations and excitement every day in the studio, and that will keep her working and learning till the end.
Ingrid is in demand as a workshop instructor and strives to inspire her students with the wonder of the craft of painting. She makes them look beyond the surface of their art to its rich, inner depth - to the potential for painting to act as communication and self discovery. To date, she has taught many sold out workshops, and is open to teaching requests from most anywhere.
Most recently, Ingrid wrote and was featured in several Winsor & Newton Masterclass videos filmed in London, UK.  Her art has won both national and international awards and has been highlighted in International Artist, Avenues, and Arabella magazines.  Ingrid is a regular contributor to Artsy Magazine.  Her articles focus on the specifics of painting, from choosing the right brush to making the most of a workshop.  She is most proud of this studio health and safety article for painters, and hopes that every painter, from hobby to pro, will read it and enjoy a long, healthy life.
Ingrid's work is held in permanent public and private collections world wide. Based in Canada, Ingrid is represented by galleries in Canada and the United States.

Artist Website: https://ingridchristensen.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ingridchristensenart
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ingridchristensenartist/



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