03. June 2017 - 7:00
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BIG GAME 2017 - Long Island, NY | Long Island Sports Park | Saturday, 03. June 2017


Red Team General – Greg Hastings
Red Team XO – Raul Perez
Blue Team General – Wolf Critchlow
Blue Team XO – Joe Perez


Saturday & Sunday June 3rd & 4th, Long Island NY.

The event will be held at…
Cousins Paintball
149 Edwards Avenue
Calverton, NY 11933

10:00 Player Rally
10:30 Game Start
1:00 Lunch Break
2:30 2nd half start
5:00 Game end
6:00 Raffle & Prize giveaway
7:00 Night Games Start

10:00 Player Rally
10:30 Game Start
12:30 Luch Break
1:30 2nd Half
3:30 short break
4:00 Final Battle
5:00 Raffle & Prizes- score announcement

Saturday Action:
-Two massive teams battling it out.
-Paintball Tank
-Mission Based Scenario Action
-Tank Assaults
-The Great Prize Giveaway with thousand of dollars in Prizes
-Saturday Night Player Party

Sunday Action:
-The continuation of the Big Game battle
-Tank Assaults
–Real Helicopter Assaults
-The Ultimate Cousins Warrior Raffle

The ever popular trade show will be present with the newest and coolest gear in our vendor tent. Also check out our clearance area with great deals on clearance and closeout items from many vendors. Come by the vending area on Sunday afternoon after the game for the “Great Prize Giveaway.”

We look forward to seeing you here, it is an event that will create memories for years to come and has become a staple for scenario players in the Northeast.

Online registration will end June 2nd at 4:00PM. All Walk-ons are welcome. We will be taking registrations at the field both Saturday and Sunday.

Check In:
Everyone is required to fill out an insurance waiver. For a quicker check-in, fill out our waiver in advance.

All pre-registrations are organized by last name. If you are pre-registered please check in by last name regardless of how you registered. If you pre-paid for paint, please bring a receipt and photo ID.

Walk-ons are welcome. All walk-ons will check in at the normal registration window.
  • #gamemap
  • Map?
  • Will this game be played in the pouring rain? Kind of hard to tell a marked player if it washes away.
  • Rain could be in the forecast for the event. Don't forget to bring your rain lid for your loaders people. Nobody likes shooting wet paint.
  • Will first strikes be available on game day or is that pre order only ?
  • Hello I just like to know if I have to pre-register or will the price be the same at the event
  • Any word on a map or points/prop matrix coming out soon?
  • A certified Planet Eclipse tech will be on site making sure you stay on the field and not in the parking lot during BIG GAME this year! #planeteclipse #cousinspaintball #upgradeyourgame #tech #fixmygun #biggame #longisland
  • Come someone who is organizing this event message me? I have a question.
  • Ryan Sexton is this a brigade event?
  • No Valken paint ? Ugggh I'll have to whoop wolfs *** another day 😔 Guice
  • Aaron Evancavich
  • With FSR's @ $85 a box of 250 (which is what every field ever charged that I have played), there is a good markup built in there that makes it profitable for the field. To charge $100 for 200, is price gouging and a downright rip off. At this point, you are taking advantage. I simply can't justify paying $.50 a round for a paintball. Between Uki Kecman and myself, we would have brought 15 - 20 players who would have all bought FSR and roundball. Now, none of us are coming. While you will make a few extra dollars off the few magfed guys that will pay this price, you lost out of the rest of us who won't participate. Between the registration, the paint, and the gear we would have bought, you are losing more than you are gaining by being greedy.
  • It is only a few weeks away! Is there going to be a game map released online so we can get a look at the field layout?
  • Red life BONECRUSHERLIFE in the building!!!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
  • Don't forget to pick-up the commemorative BIG GAME 2017 patch this year!!
  • Hey Cousins! Call me crazy but what if you or can I invite a news station or two to come down and do a story on the event to try to grow the sport? Obviously explaining the how safe it is, the benefits it has and how it has a positive effect on people's lives....just a thought.
  • Is camping allowed?
  • Is there a breakdown somewhere online explaining how the camping situation works?
  • What is admission and paint costs? Is there spray and paper towels to clean goggles? How are teams decided?
  • First strikes allowed ?
  • **BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - XO'S INTRODUCED** Which side will you be fighting for?! They may have the same last name, but are surely not related! Raul Perez will be commanding under General Greg Hastings. Joe Perez will be commanding under General Wolf Critchlow.
  • Was wondering if this year are we having award ceremony ????
  • Sergei FiveFifty