05. August 2017 - 6:00

SOUTH EAST FURY Event #2 | Nitro Paintball | Saturday, 05. August 2017


5man D4 Race to 3 $450
3man D4 Redzone $300
5man D5 Race to 2 $350

5man D4 Race to 3 (Sunday)
1st $1,000* + Medals and Trophy
2nd $500* + Medals and Trophy
3rd Medals and Trophy

3man D4 Redzone (Saturday)
1st $500* + Medals and Trophy
2nd TBD + Medals and Trophy
3rd Medals and Trophy

5man D5 Race to 2 (Saturday)
1st $500* + Medals and Trophy
2nd TBD + Medals and Trophy
3rd Medals and Trophy

*Deduct 30% of cash prizes if there are less than 8 teams in the division.

RACE TO format
Modified PSP Rules for “Race to” format

5man D4 RACE to 3
(2) D3 players allowed
roster 10 players
10min clock Any number of Division 4 or lower players may appear on a Division 4 RaceTo-4 roster, plus Up to two Division 3 players, or Up to one Division 3 player and up to 1 Division 2 Player with a classification rating no higher than 1476, provided the sum of the classification ratings of the top two players on the roster is no higher than 1968.

5man D5 Race to 2
(2) D4 player allowed only one on the field at a time.
roster 10 players
8min clock

Format: RACE TO (back to back points)

1-1/2 minutes between points

(1) 2 minute time out per match

Marker mode PSP up to 13bps

(4) preliminary matches

Overtime points ONLY DURING Post prelim matches

-Time (average time per winning point)

roster 6 players
(1) D3 players allowed

300 fps
2 min clock
1 min between points
(1) 2min time out per match

2 points per buzzer hit (after a buzzer hit is confirmed a audio countdown will be heard after the audio countdown the buzzer is active for another 2 points.)
1 point by touching opposing teams start gate
1 point per concede

-Penalties will be based on PSP rules.
-Any penalties accessed during the point the players will be out for the remainder of the point and will not be able to re-spawn.

If a coach concedes with more then 1 active player on the field. The team will be penalized 2 points+ 1 point for the concede.

2 Pod technicians allowed per team
Pod technicians will wear necessary protective gear in accordance with the venue
Pod technicians must wear vests supplied by the AFPL to identify them as POD technicians
Pod technicians are allowed to move between the Re-Spawn Box (located behind Start gate) and the Pit area during a live point but not on the field of play (along the perimeter of the field).
Pod technicians may only enter the playing field between points or during a time out.

Coaching can only be done by one coach and will be on the snake side of the field inside or outside of the net not passing into the opponent’s territory or into the field of play.
No electronic or mechanical device or voice enhancing devices like a megaphone to communicate with team members will be used in match play.
Only the coach can call a time out.
Only the coach can concede a point when only 1 player is left on the field. A whistle will be issued to the coach by the AFPL or a coach can supply their own.
Only a coach can substitute player in the Re-Spawn box.


REDZONE is the entire field.

RE-SPAWN happens when a teammate successfully hits the buzzer the Head referee will signal the Re-spawn box referee who will release any players in the Re-spawn box.
ON FIELD PERSONNEL per team consists of no more than 5 players, 1 sideline coach and 2 pod technicians on the field. The sideline coach and pod technicians must stay out of bounds during live play.