25. March 2019 - 19:00
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Sisters in Harmony Spring Session (Formerly Women's Spirit Song) | Breath+Oneness Yoga | Monday, 25. March 2019

Experience the power of women’s voices rising in harmony.
All women’s voices are welcome! All ages and ability levels, women who have sung with us before, and women who have never sung with us. Please invite your friends, family and community.
Free your voice, attune your ear, harmonize, improvise, and feel the joy in your heart!
Discover the magic of timeless, heart-opening chants and songs from various traditions and artists that inspire a deeper connection to ourselves, each other, the planet, and the spirit of Life that moves through us all.
Classes are held in an easy to follow, “call and response” style. We use the oral tradition of singing. No need to read sheet music.
Feel confident, connected and uplifted as we journey from the depths of vocal mindfulnessand mantra to the heights of the most expressive singing. 
You will learn basic vocal technique, how to trust your own voice, and how to harmonize and blend with the group. You will be invited to sing your prayers, intentions, griefs, gratitudes and dreams. The weaving of vocal vibration, deep intention and radiant joy, shared by a sacred community of women is the most powerful form of prayer I know to manifest our dreams and transform our lives!
This is sacred space and time for women to be together without the distraction of children. We LOVE your little ones, and we ask that you leave them at home. Thank you!
We are women’s voices rising in harmony to praise life and bless the world. We are devoted to empowering women’s voices, uplifting women’s lives and building strong, vibrant communities. Please join us in lifting your voice with this sacred circle of women!