14. August 2020 - 8:00
Buffalo Gap Retreat , Capon Bridge
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GreenSong 2020 | Friday, 14. August 2020

Join us as We Recognize our Mentor and Guide, Lady Elspeth, as she Celebrates her 90th birthday!

About this Event

On August 14-16, 2020, come to the rolling hills of West Virginia and experience a spontaneous village formed for the purpose of helping the planet. Join us as we gather, creating a venue for ideas and activities, where people can learn about our current environmental problems, and where we can create strategies for a sustainable future. Learn skills and share your own talents by attending a broad selection of workshops and hands-on experiences, so that you can discover how to help create a better world. Listen to, and interact with, our featured guest speakers, experts in their fields. Enjoy the performances of musicians and other artists celebrating who we are and what we can become through meaningful entertainment! Stroll through our market and see what artisans and craftspeople have to offer. Snack at the food merchants who have menus that will include options for special diets. Our vision for a brighter tomorrow includes you. You could become the vital link to your community, bringing back new techniques, approaches, and information to solve problems where you live. We want to help you tell the story of living in harmony with Nature. Join us and find your own Greensong.