28. August 2089 - 15:00
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Heavy Blankets | Two Rational People Conversing: An interview with N. Jenkins and K. Polk conducted by N. Jenkins and K. Polk | Charleston, South Carolina | Sunday, 28. August 2089

Meet Heavy Blankets, an experiment in improvisation, sound design, and communication.

All sounds performed, captured, and manipulated by Nick Jenkins and Kyle Polk.

Sometime around the summer months of 2013 Nick prepared a space in his apartment with an array of household objects and invited Kyle to come over to catch up on things and work on a recording. The recording was spliced and manipulated into tracks that later became "Living Space". Nick recorded the session. They both agreed upon a 12 minute selection of sounds edited and manipulated by Kyle. Nick chopped the 12 minute selection into tracks and together they quickly and lovingly named the tracks like two children naming their dolls.

N: Hi Kyle.

K: Hello Nick.

K: So frame this Facebook event for me so I can see what you're thinking. Oh never mind. We are actually in the middle of it now, aren't we?
I guess I should just ask you a question at this point. What made you decide to do a project like this and why did you decide to include me?

N: When I contacted you to work on this recording I was very interested in duo projects, improvised ones mainly. I was hoping to make an album of only duos featuring past and present collaborators. I also realized that the two of us had never really collaborated before and that was a decent reason.

N: If you could record a similar project in any geodome (non man made structure, cave, amphitheater-type thing: ex. Grand Canyon) where would you set up and work? Biodome?

K: I guess I've never really thought of it. When I was growing up, I always thought my grandparent’s backyard was pretty cool. I can think of several rooms or spaces where I'd like to work, but nothing that exists in the wild. I may be too fond of man made spaces. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

K: So I'm not really sure what we are looking to accomplish with this "interview". I'm not sure if the info I've provided thus far really intrigues anyone further into what we're doing. Thoughts?

N: I appreciate the lightheartedness thus far. It is also intellectual without seeming highbrow.

K: Ok. Let's continue.

N: Do you think that scrambling the tracks like we did was/is a good idea? Do you think it makes for a more enticing project? I guess that is 1.5 of the interview q's.
Ha. I didn't mean for it to be so, but it might as well be.

K: I do and I don't. Even after it was scrambled, it's still something that either people will connect to or not. I'd almost like to do it case by case. We might end up finding 3 straight minutes of unedited bliss that we want to share, or it may seem fitting to mix other sounds. I personally would like to steer away from a formula of how we do it at this point. You're a sneaky one.

N: Ha. Good answer! I think I want to make a Facebook "event" for our album release. The information about it could be short interview between you and me. And some kind of a bio relating to... reality. We could both interview one another?

K: Ok. I'll eidt it.

N: Let's begin.

K: Sure thing.

N: This is a great start.

Heavy Blankets | Living Space

A full unedited version of the entire "Living Space" session is available upon request: paperjenkins@gmail.com

The End.