27. January 2020 - 8:30
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Great Demo! Open Enrollment Workshop - Chesterbrook, PA January 27-28, 2020 | Dell-Boomi | Monday, 27. January 2020

Previous Attendees Said: 
"Great workshop. I have already started implementing skills learned and so far, great results!"  - Richard, Inside SE
"Excellent training session, my entire team is energized and looking at their job differently."  - Csaba, Strategic Director
"EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING. Honestly, most if not everything applied to my day to day role. How to construct demo, discovery, style, audience, all great" - Stephen, SE
"I've been with my company for over 5 years and this workshop was head and shoulders above the rest of the exercises, consultants, and training I've received in the past."  - Ben, AM
A 1.75-DAY OPEN ENROLLMENT WORKSHOP FOR SEs and AMs - do it together for SEAMless Sales(TM)
Create and Deliver Surprisingly Compelling Software Demonstrations
“Do The Last Thing First” — the recipe for a Great Demo!
This is an interactive workshop for SEs and AMs who give demos of B-to-B software to customers and channels. Bring a copy of your demo and be prepared to present it — we’ll help you turn it into a “Surprisingly Compelling Demo!”
This workshop is best suited for 2-3 people from the same company so you can work on a common demo together (discount available for 3+ participants from the same company), however, individual registrations are welcome.
At the end of this workshop you will be able to establish a framework, including skills and processes, to create and deliver improved software demonstrations to increase sales success.  Resulting in:

Increase the average deal size and/or sell additional products and services.
Reduce the cost of sales by using demos more judiciously and optimizing the sales process.
Increase existing subscriptions and renewals.
Improve demonstration quality and effectiveness, by implementing a standard process and framework.
Establish and communicate clear objectives for each demo.
Increase probability of success.
Improve communication, preparation, and follow-up between SEs and AMs.

You will learn how to:

Determine the right content for a demonstration, based on the customer’s business needs and objectives.
Organize the content in a novel, logical progression that maps to audience needs and depth of interest.
Engage and prove your capabilities within the first eight minutes of the demonstration.
Prepare demonstrations using the new method.
Manage a range of real-life situations and scenarios.

You will complete the Workshop equipped with:

The Great Demo! methodology which will help you create and deliver “Surprisingly Compelling Software Demonstrations”
A newly constructed, highly compelling demonstration of your software, targeted specifically for a typical key scenario.
The ability to apply the method to develop equally targeted and compelling demonstrations for other scenarios, products, and situations.

The Great Demo! methodology delivers targeted "what's in it for me?" benefits right up front, followed by rapid, targeted proof, and then further, more detailed exploration in accord with client's level and depth of interest. This proven, highly successful method maps extremely well to the specific needs and constraints of clients that can include executives, senior management, middle management, end users, and IT staff.
All-day beverages and a light lunch will be provided each day and are included in the registration.  Training room is open at 8 am and the workshop will start crisply at 8:30 am.  Workshop ends at 5:00 PM Day 1.  Workshop runs 8:30 - 3:30 Day 2.  All registrations must be paid in full, in advance, and are non-refundable.

Art Fromm, Principal at Technical Sales Development Inc. (TSD)  Web Site: www.TeamSalesDevelopment.com
Art Fromm is the founder and principal of Technical Sales Development, focused on SEAMless Sales(TM) -  helping sales teams improve their sales results – primarily through improving qualification, discovery, strategy, and value message execution including emphasis on organizations’ live and remotely delivered demonstrations.
The bulk of Art’s experience is with complex, enterprise software and strategic systems sold to varied audiences in a range of vertical markets.  Art has enjoyed roles as end-user, consumer, and implementer of software technology, leading to pre-sales, sales, and sales management roles, and is now focused on sales enablement and consulting.
Art is a Certified Great Demo! Affiliate, working directly with Peter Cohan who authored Great Demo!, a book that provides methods to create and execute compelling demonstrations, which are taught in this workshop.