22. February 2019 - 8:30 till 14:00
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2019 Martin Luther King/Black History Month Workshop for High School Students | John Marshall Law School | Friday, 22. February 2019

As controversies relating to public protests such as the Colin Kaepernick demonstration and the roles of unions continue to generate strong opinions and conversations, it is important to remember that these controversies are not new. Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago is offering a day-long workshop for high school students interested in learning and discussing free speech limits as part of the 100th anniversary of 1919 which highlights labor strife and racial unrest in the “Red Summer.”
Labor, Strikes, and Civil Rights is co-sponsored and hosted by The John Marshall Law School (315 S. Plymouth Court, Chicago), andis open to high school students in Chicago and the Metropolitan area.   HIGHLIGHTS

Public protests relating to the roles of unionsprior to and leading up to the Civil Rights Movement.
“Red Summer”- the connections between labor and race
Limits on Free Speech and its role in the protection of our civil rights with JMLS Constitutional Law Professor Steven Schwinn

PARTICIPATION Labor, Strikes, and Civil Rights is open to students in rostered high school social studies classes in Chicago and the Metropolitan area.
DETAILS The workshop is 8:30 am- 2 pm.  Interested students must be registered by their teacher(s). Up to five students will be accepted per school.  If you would like to register additional students, contact Dee Runaas. A school chaperon is not required for this event. Registration is $25 per student and an invoice can be sent directly to your school upon request. Please register students as soon as possible, but before February 15. This will be a popular program and space is limited. 
For more information please contact Dee Runaas at (312) 663-9057 x203 or runaas@crfc.org.