20. April 2018 - 13:00 till 16:00
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7-Mile Spanking Machine | Millennium Park | Friday, 20. April 2018

Lets recreate one of the most iconic scenes from Spongebob. The goal length is 7 miles but let's see how far we can take this! (This isn't a meme we're for sure going to try and do this)
  • This always gets me
  • Can we bring children? Asking for a friend....
  • This is literally history
  • Elvin Arteaga you know Chicago better, you’re coming with
  • U dummies it's in Chicago. And people in Massachusetts say they're going. Lol
  • Lukasz Czerwien down?
  • Bradley Zastrow?
  • Jan Kan
  • 🍑👋
  • This isn't happening in Canada anymore ?
  • Haven't forgot about this. Saving the date!
  • **** I can't drive and it's not local where i am kms. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Will be selling "Glove World Spanking Gloves" during the event. Feel free to get yourself and the fam a pair on this historic event!
  • Will Krabby patties be provided?
  • Isaac Warren Sternitzky But for real can we
  • Oh I am so going to that Val NeSmith
  • Rodel Allen 'Ra' Enderez YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH
  • Maggie Wrzala Auri Luna
  • Who's ready for that S P A N K
  • O MY G O D Bethan Watton
  • I'm hyped for this
  • ty Frankie Fung for this prosperous prospect social gathering invitation
  • We can't let this die
  • Angeles Flores down or what? ****
  • We need more awareness people. Who specifically is spearheading this event and how can others help make it possible? If standing 2.5 feet apart, it will take 14784 people at least to stretch 7 miles. We should have 420 participants passed through the machine, honoring the date of the event. I'm planning the next 8 months to be geared towards getting my motorhome out to chicago from California, we should set up a caravaning network.