25. February 2018 - 10:00
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CHICAGO NATURAL HAIR FEST Mid-Winter 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities | The W Hotel City Center | Sunday, 25. February 2018

Welcome to our world of Natural Hair and Beauty Culture, Natural Hair Fest Chicago Mid-Winter 2019. In the beginning of this spring season we continue to engage and inspire all within reach in solidarity with the local, statewide, regional, national and global natural hair movement. We also greet with open arms potential sponsors and those who can see the value in what they will be getting by appealing to people who've crossedover and meshed with this lifestyle choice.
Natural Hair Fest Chicago is designed to promote a way of life that nurtures natural hair growth and teaches proper regimens for the care and maintenance of healthy, natural hair. We are equally concerned about beginning the the process of healing and taking preventative measures to offset hair loss and disorders of the scalp that plague our communities in epidemic proportion. We summit to pin-point, intercept, negate and correct mis-education, mis-information, and bad habits that lead to challenges associated with managing our coarse, curly, kinky, coily and multi-textured hair types.
Natural Hair Fest Chicago is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. It is important Consumers or Potential Clients, especially those who are doing their own hair at home, be placed on the front lines of this informative campaign. This is where our greatest effort to dispell distorted perspectives on the uniqueness of hair inherent in peoples of african descent lies.
Natural Hair Fest Chicago serves as a platform upon which we can dialogue about the potentially negative long term effects that improper chemical processing and overuse of heat styling acoutrements can have the DIY Consumer's hair, scalp and health.
Natural Hair Fest Chicago is a one-stop destination where Consumers will be able to meetup and make conscious, person to person connections with skilled , Instructors, business-minded Professionals, Freelancers and Students in attendance who specialize in natural hair care.  To become a Sponsor, Advertiser, Exhibitor, Vendor, Instructor, Natural Hair Stylist, Fashion Designer, Make Up Artist, Performer/Entertainer, Model, Spoken Word Artist, Volunteer and/or Attendee call 312.254.5009 and Touch 1 for Mark David Carter, email chicago@naturalhairfest.com, or visit us online at .