20. January 2018 - 10:00 till 12:00
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Digging for Dinosaurs: A STEM Make-a-thon for Young Paleontolog | The Blue Lacuna | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Paige & Paxton STEM events are simply the best STEM experiences for kids. Period. Super fun and intentionally crafted, kids explore STEM concepts through the adorable puzzle piece characters in the Paige & Paxton storybook series and then engage in intellectually sound, hands-on experiments that mirror the work of scientists and engineers.

Admission Includes:
- A copy of Paige & Paxton Discover a Piece of the Past, an easy way to leverage paleontology as a gateway science, signed by the authors.
- A hands-on excavation of dinosaur fossils led by real scientists.
- A model of a dinosaur designed by your future scientist.

About the Event
A favorite of mini-innovators across the country, this paleontology make-a-thon will challenge and engage your child in the scientific methods of discovery and observation by tapping into their wonderment and fascination with dinosaurs.

Your child will delve into the fascinating world of paleontology through Paige & Paxton’s timeless STEM storybook, Paige & Paxton Discover a Piece of the Past, and hands-on excavation of proxy dinosaur skeletons.

Your future scientist will also create a model of a dinosaur to experience the rewards and challenges of trying to piece together the life and times of an animal who is no longer here, just like real paleontologists.

Event Schedule
9:30 am: Check-In
10:00 am: Welcome, Book Signing & Icebreaker
10:15 am: Storybook Reading
10:30 am: Digging for Dinosaurs
12:00 pm: Wrap Up & Check Out