10. July 2020 - 17:00
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Chicago
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ICE PROTEST | Friday, 10. July 2020


We can’t forget about the children. Let’s join together and use our voice to make a change. CHILDREN are getting molested under FEDERAL LAW. THIS IS A CRIME

The government says they can’t do anything. THEY KNOW children are getting molested and won’t do anything.

Worst of all since ICE isn’t getting to much attention at this moment they’ve been given the chance to do several more illegal stuff since they’re not under the spotlight.

-March route will be announced soon.

-We want everyone to be safe during this protest. We are gathering permits, insurance, and paramedics in case anything happens. Your health and safety is really important to us.

-We are as well contacting BLM/Immigration organization who are willing to help and join us.

•We will be collaborating with....

•TEEP (The Evans Exoneration Project)

Again, your safety and health comes first.