11. December 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Level Eater 9 Prologue Adventures | Marz Community Brewing Company | Tuesday, 11. December 2018

Always a Great Time to Start.
Play when you want & change the fate of the realm!
Join us on select Tuesday nights at 7pm from November to January at Marz Community Brewing.
This short, unofficial Dungeons & Dragons adventure series, set in your home realm of Portsbridge, presents seven original adventures leading up the epic events of Level Eater 9 on January 19, 2019!
Battle wicked monsters. Reveal ancient secrets and confront the foes of the realm. Something dangerous is headed to Portsbridge, and we’re counting on you to help defeat it. Each session, a unique story unfolds!
If you’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons, our hosts offer great ways to learn the game and experience a fantastic adventure. Multiple opportunities to play — on select Tuesday nights from November to January — mean you can play a single adventure or come back to see a larger story emerge. Play when you can!
Contribute today, become a hero and join the party. Seats are limited!
Your contribution gets you a seat at the table, some refreshments from the good humans at Marz Community Brewing, and loaner materials you need for play that night, like dice, a character, and other fun stuff we might have on hand.
More info about the prologue is here
Presented by Lumpen Radio In partnership with Marz Comminity Brewing.
Your donations directly support Lumpen Radio.