01. January 2019 - 19:00
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Prelude to Pitch Mastermind Group Intensive | WeWork Kinzie | Tuesday, 01. January 2019

Agency Abron is excited to announce the launch of the Prelude to Pitch Mastermind Group Intensive.  The Prelude to Pitch Mastermind Group Intensive (PPMGI) is a monthly cost-effective public relations subscription program developed to help creatives and small-business owners meet their PR goals.  Through this program, we will collectively assist you in developing, implementing and achieving your public relations objectives and strategy to help your business reach new heights.  The program includes:

A monthly mastermind group (held virtually) to serve as:

A safe space to bounce off your ideas and receive diverse perspectives from various backgrounds
Accountability partners to stay on track and achieve your goals

The Prelude to Pitch public relations toolkit
One-hour one-on-one consultation per month during the program (valued at $1,800)
Assistance with PR strategy (i.e., press kit development, news releases, event planning, story development, etc.) in the consultations or group mastermind meetings
Access to members-only events, workshops, and discussions
Access to a members-only Facebook discussion group for additional support during the program
PR Resources  (i.e., media contacts, venue accessibility, etc.)

NOTE: A signed client service agreement and a non-disclosure agreement will be required upon enrollment to maintain confidentiality amongst the group. Pricing

The total cost of the PPMGI program is $870, averaging $72.50/month
A three-month downpayment of $217.50 is due at sign up to ensure client commitment and an opportunity to see measurable progress
Save 20%, on the total cost by making a one-time payment of $695 upon enrollment 

This is a year-long program that begins January 2019 and ends December 2019, and we really hope you can be a part of this.  To sign up or to receive more information, just let me know.