22. August 2017 - 17:30
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Time Salon: Dandelions, Astrolabes & Emergence Oh My! | Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab | Tuesday, 22. August 2017

Are you are brimming with excitement about the shift adrienne maree brown's "Emergent Strategy" has effected on your life and work?

Maybe you have encountered a friend or kin whose gleeful exuberance rubbed off and made you curious as to the source of this emotion.

Or you are walking a line between sacred ecology, changemaking and creativity wondering how best to weave these cherished world together.

No matter the source, this Time Salon is for you. We want to discuss emergence, experiement with biomimicry, observe and participate in knitting ourselves a little closer each time to a deeper relationship with ecology and ecosystem as an author of new habits.

Bring a notebook. If you do not have a copy of "Emergent Strategy", make that known so that we can ensure that copies are procured. If you do have a copy, mark it to your heart's content and prepare to a lead a reading/discussion of your most enduring passage(s).

More details and experiements in ecological practice to come. Watch this event channel.

*4th Tuesday of each month was chosen in a mostly emergent manner. Given the proximity of some dates to major milestones on the calendar, future meetups are subject to change or relocate as necessary.

JACKET COPY: Inspired by Octavia Butler's explorations of our human relationship to change,Emergent Strategy is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help designed to shape the futures we want to live. Change is constant. The world is in a continual state of flux. It is a stream of ever-mutating, emergent patterns. Rather than steel ourselves against such change, this book invites us to feel, map, assess, and learn from the swirling patterns around us in order to better understand and influence them as they happen. This is a resolutely materialist "spirituality" based equally on science and science fiction, a visionary incantation to transform that which ultimately transforms us.

The Time Salon is a facilitated gathering offered by the Kola Nut Collaborative which guides participants through dialogue and practice in communal asset mapping, social economy and non-monetary exchange. In this intentional space, we challenge the idea that participation in a framework of economic exchange necessitates the use of the dollar as currency.
  • NOTES ADDENDUM: Julie Walker's theory of Core Lore. Have you interrogated your core lore lately? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7DMq20LqTw
  • *Much delayed note sharing in advance of today's meeting SUMMARY: Heading into October's Emergent Strategy meet up, I had been contemplating heavily a project titled "The Currency of Social Structure (Community In Practice)". An experiential gallery where participants intentionally engage in the transfer of social currencies which makes more transparent the invisible forms of capital in which we trade throughout the course of our lives. Interdependence and Decentralization call upon us understand ourselves as social beings intimately woven into a fabric of other beings each processing their own set of experiences through a different lens. Nonlinear and Iterative require that we understand those experiences transform the person who endures them. They adopt new rituals and habits that respond to joy, shame, grief, and trauma. How do we both maintain space to aid others in processing their experiences while also requiring accountability of ourselves and those for whom we hold space? INTRODUCTION Following a host and space introduction, participants were invited to reflect on a recent instance in which they leaned on someone else or allowed someone to lean on them. PROMPTS Which position of interdependence do you find yourself in most often? Leaned upon or Leaning? Can you name a recent instance in which you clearly articulated your needs? Were they received and understood? How did you feel afterwards? Who do you consider yourself accountable to? Have you given them permission to tell you when you are not living your values? Can you locate a transformation in recent memory that caused you to reverse course and take a different path? What spells do you use to overcome grief? Can you name things that you practice consistently? HIGHLIGHTS What is the broader impact of a lack of accountability in community spaces? Does it have a noticeable effect on shifting the overall values within the space? How does that impact consensus, collaboration, and leadership? How would you like to be held accountable? Broad Accountability: Are you accountable to your ideas, inspiration, insight, emotions? Decentralizing space allows us to redistribute the weight of all work (physical, mental, emotional, ethical) more equitably. Decentralization can mean moving work to other bodies in the room or shifting more broadly towards other entities we see as holding weight in our lives (ancestors, universe, cosmos). Interdependence requires reassurance that we can move at the speed of trust and find a public intimacy that exists beyond our assumptions and expectations. Julie Walker speaks about Core Lore or stories not based on any truth, evidence, or sense of personal inquiry. Stories that may have been handed down from family or community which have become a patterned root that becomes our present circumstance. Ghosting as rooted in a fear of failure and the encroaching of shared boundaries; the permacultural edge of relationship. The ability to iterate in new ways without fearing failure may require to visualize disaster: What is the worst thing that can happen? This partial expression of our needs and desire to have others figure things out is a hungry ghost. We must fully embody and fully express those needs we wish to seek assistance from others in meeting. "If you don't weep, your body will somewhere." - Julie Walker(?) - a contribution to the spells for grieving discussion MANTRA: “I will move at the speed of trust.” - Us Together HOME RITUAL: Read chapters on "Resilience" and "Creating More Possibilities". Share out any elements of the personal mission statement exercise and ways that Emergent Strategy has shaped (or revealed) your method of engaging with others in the world. Visualize the design of your human root system. How does it appear in your mind? Single large taproot? Many small tributaries? Is it neat and tidy? An entangled mass? Do these roots share boundaries and nutrients with other plants in a symbiotic way or avoid such interaction more or less?
  • i was thinking dandelion but perhaps i am nacre? Formation[edit] Nacre formation is not fully understood. The initial onset assembly, as observed in Pinna nobilis, is driven by the aggregation of nanoparticles (~50–80 nm) within an organic matrix that arrange in fibre-like polycrystalline configurations.[11] The particle number increases successively and, when critical packing is reached, they merge into early-nacre platelets. Nacre growth is mediated by organics, controlling the onset, duration and form of crystal growth.[12] Individual aragonite "bricks" are believed to quickly grow to the full height of the nacreous layer, and expand until they abut adjacent bricks.[6] This produces the hexagonal close-packing characteristic of nacre.[6] Bricks may nucleate on randomly dispersed elements within the organic layer,[13] well-defined arrangements of proteins,[2] or may grow epitaxially from mineral bridges extending from the underlying tablet.[14][15] Nacre differs from fibrous aragonite – a brittle mineral of the same form – in that the growth in the c-axis (i.e., approximately perpendicular to the shell, in nacre) is slow in nacre, and fast in fibrous aragonite.[16] Function[edit] Fossil nautiloid shell with original iridescent nacre in fossiliferous asphaltic limestone, Oklahoma. Dated to the late Middle Pennsylvanian, which makes it - by far - the oldest deposit in the world with aragonitic nacreous shelly fossils.[17] Nacre is secreted by the epithelial cells of the mantle tissue of various molluscs. The nacre is continuously deposited onto the inner surface of the shell, the iridescent nacreous layer, commonly known as mother of pearl. The layers of nacre smooth the shell surface and help defend the soft tissues against parasites and damaging debris by entombing them in successive layers of nacre, forming either a blister pearl attached to the interior of the shell, or a free pearl within the mantle tissues. The process is called encystation and it continues as long as the mollusc lives.
  • Mike, such a great session again last night! It's like an internal massage every time I go, which sometimes means I release a lot the next day. Today, I'm remembering grief is a worthwhile use of time! Our sessions make me wish that everyone was this conscientiously reflective about the practices that contribute or detract from the quality of their relationships!
  • Is it Tuesday yet? #ModernEraPeerTherapeuticPractice
  • STARTING RITUAL: Also raised during our discussion was Stacey's 6 count centering ritual. I remarked that I had heard of a similar starting ritual on a podcast recently and later recalled it to be "Entreleadership". While this particularly podcast is squarely focused on the business impact, I think this approach to building a set of metacognitive triggers that move you out of spaces where your fear or apprehension don't have rational or intuitive grounding might be beneficial to consider. https://www.entreleadership.com/podcasts/208-mel-robbins5-seconds-to-a-better
  • MAINTAINING FRACTALS: As raised in our discussion, this episode has narration by an anonymous physician who found themselves experience severe emotional burnout which resulted in them being unable to attend appropriately for a patient under their care. There may be a reflection in this dialogue specific to the medical profession, but I heard alignment with a vast subset of human and social service professions. Having come from a background of operating at a non-profit agency, I recall when the politics of the agency, state budget impasses, and challenging youth converged placing me in a similar state professional crisis. How do we use the trust and authenticity from relationships with our other fractals to remedy burnout? Who do we go to for an honest opinion on our emotional state or advice on moving forward? How do we choose when to keep it together or what to keep together and what to discard? https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/audible/sincerely-x/e/50836688
  • SUMMARY: This month's Emergent Strategy Time Salon was informed by my participation in a pair of peace circles hosted in Rogers Park and Hyde Park. Each facilitator brought a unique approach to theme selection and managing the flow of the conversation which drove me towards deeper reflection on locating this month's question. Questions that both invoked the language of the text, but pushed participants nearer to exploring personal embodiment of the principles What does emergence look like in real time? INTRODUCTION Following a host and space introduction, participants were invited to reflect on a (real or imagined) superpower they wished to share as part of their own introduction. Discussed Complex Movements Emblem System and shared emblem(s) with which we felt most closely aligned. PROMPTS In the absence of themes from our previous discussion, we restarted the circular agenda which promptly took a background to the discussion. Two sentiments remained at the end: "Murmuration Shoal Swarm" & "Curious Interested Visionary Adaptive" #1 - Fractals *What are your most salient fractals? *How has your relationship with those fractals impacted other fractals? During this part of the discussion, some theses that arose are the relationship between resources and identity. Their presence or absence impact how much capacity we have to show up in relationship to others (fractals require proper feeding). Some participants thought about fractals from a Zone 0 (hyperpersonal) perspective and spoke about scaling down to breath (6 count) as a centering mechanism for finding themselves again in the midst of fractal relationships. Professional and personal fractals were very present in the conversation as we found ourselves prioritizing or scaling our engagement in these two distinct spaces. Some participants have highly engaged and creative partnerships in professional spaces while others scale back their engagement reserving greater energy for personal relationships. Professional status also found itself capable of being helpful or a hindrance to growth depending upon how closely linked it becomes to our identity. Parent-child relationships also proved a very salient fractal providing opportunities for challenge and change. Children prove important for reminding us of the relationship between our professed and core values. Questions Arising: How do fractals help us live our values? How do fractals challenge our values? #2 - Intentional Adaptation *What adaptations are you making in a smaller fractal that you wish to scale up to the (larger) world? *What support do you need around these adaptations? Fractals occupied the bulk of our discussion which forced adaptation to a tiny corner at the edge of a larger discussion. Some themes encountered here were around the subject of the colonized imagination. How do we expand our field of vision? What support do we need move nearer towards that growth? Collaborative ideation. Ideas come from a multitude of places and sometimes spark in two different places at the same time. How do we take advantage of that shared creative capacity to improve the success of our endeavors in a world that reinforces competition? Power differentials. Despite our desire to bring an enlightened approach to collaboration and creativity, organizations still exist in hierarchies with different levels of power between team members. How does this impact our willingness to share ideas with other and how can we change organizations to build trust within a team? MANTRA: “I want a future where we are curious, interested, visionary, adaptive.” - adrienne marie brown HOME RITUAL: Read chapters on "Independence and Decentralization" and "Nonlinear and Iterative". Continue shaping personal mission statement to share with group in next session how you think it currently aligns with Emergent Strategy or ways you hope to evolve it to incorporate new insight from the principles. Reflect on something that took you a long time to change and write or sketch a basic outline of all the tiny changes that happened along the way to get you towards the present outcome.
  • What an introspective session tonight, Mike. You really got me reflecting deeply!!
  • Cutting thru a bit of traffic and about 10 minutes behind schedule. My humble apologies. See everyone in a bit.
  • 😩I'm going to miss tonight having a few life issues. I enjoyed last month so I was disappointed i had to wait a month now it will have to be 2 😢but I'll be at the next one
  • REMINDER: Below you will find the Home Ritual summarized at the end of last session's meeting notes. If you missed it, don't stress. This is a personal thought exercise to offer us more room for dialogue on how we have each stretched ourselves into these principles. If you have found another Home Ritual which has helped you remember and embody the principles in your own life, consider the group a sanctuary for sharing a bit of your practice. HOME RITUAL: Read chapters on Fractals and Intentional Adaptation Begin outlining personal mission statement or reflect on the one you already have to see how Emergent Strategy applies. Review principles associated with Complex Movements Emblem System and choose an emblem which aligns with your intention
  • SPOILER ALERT: Whether you are reading apace with the group or leaping ahead into the farthest reaches of a collective emergence, let Page May, Monica Trinidad, and Hannah Baptiste provide you with another perspective on the elements of Emergent Strategy as they see its application to accountability in relationships and speculative visioning as an organizing strategy. See you soon in the heart of the Salon! https://soundcloud.com/thelitreviewchi/episode18
  • BETTER LIVING THRU BIOMIMICRY: If you are in proximity of the Chicago Cultural Center around 1 pm today, you can earn biomimicry bonus points by attending this presentation by Michael Thompson from Chicago Honey Co-op who will examine emergent architectural patterns and the evolution of beekeeping as a human attempt to mimic natural habitats. If you look closely, you might even notice a flourishing of fractals. https://www.facebook.com/events/130761394233435/
  • EVER MORE EMERGENCE: Tangential to the Time Salon, these field trips offer another opportunity to understand the relationship between the emergence you experience through your engagement with this discussion group and that occurring elsewhere in the arts, community, family and world. That stated, I would highly recommend you keep all eyes on Chicago Humanities Festival for November when Chani Nicholas & Emergent Strategy / adrienne maree brown chop it up over at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. This tangent will surely be an alignment of mind and heart. See you soon co-emergents. https://goo.gl/9tPXut
  • FRACTALS & COMPARTMENTALIZATION: Compartmentalization is a habit I have employed within my life as an attention shifting device. If I could visualize these compartments, I imagine they might appear as concentric circles of proximity which indicate the level of trust available. Nearer proximities have earned greater trust, but that also necessitate greater maintenance to ensure a strong connection and rapport with that person. During last night's Rogers Park Community Peace Circle, there was a discussion around the theme of friendship. We examined with each other which friends in our lives represented "sanctuary". If you needed to run to a place of safety, who would you call? What qualities have arisen in that relationship to allow you to feel so safe? What qualities do you personally reciprocate as a friend? It made me wonder if it might not be a worthwhile practice to engage in friendship hygiene. Have you done a check-in with those in your smallest fractal to ensure that you are extending the qualities they need in sanctuary? Are you receiving the qualities back that you require? Is there room and willingness for each friend to improve and move nearer to one another? How has your ability to show up as sanctuary for others been impacted by the presence or absence of love/gratitude/abundance/stillness within yourself? As we practice at the smallest part, so shall we play at the largest part. IMAGE: Schematic Plan of a Large Farm Enclosure, Cameroon via "African Fractals" by Ron Englash
  • CHICAGO on the cusp of WORLDS EMERGING: Because Nicole Mitchell just stay blessing us. I promise not to bug her about when we can get a release of that "Earthseed" performance...audibly. I cannot predict in advance what my unspoken intention and adoration will be broadcasting. Group field trip? Emergent Strategy is a thousand flowers blooming and all of our creative capacities activated. "On Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records; May 5), her second and latest full-length for the Chicago-based FPE Records, she uses science fiction to pose the question, "What would a world look like that is truly egalitarian, with advanced technology that is in tune with nature?" #EmergentStrategy #VisionaryMusicalMeditation #mycelium #BlackEarth #afrofuturist #WrittenInVision https://www.facebook.com/events/711474185720310
  • "We had to begin to practice deep, authentic collaboration. This meant a shift in how we move financial and human resources---there are enough people out there to support the movement(s) we need, but currently, organizations are pitted against each other to access money (less and less money), rather than creating and investing together to maximize a diversity of resources from money, to people, to spaces, to skills. Because we are not investing in a shared network of resources, it is easy to let structural and ideological particularities create deep splits throughout the non-profit sphere, rendering much of our work useless." - adrienne marie brown, "Emergent Strategy" #ResiliencyGuild2017 #mycelium #EmergentStrategy #timebanking #TimeSalon #SocialInfrastructure #CollaborativeIntelligence
  • SUMMARY: Umm. I recognize that there is nothing concise about this summary. When I went on my first writing sprint the night of the salon, I started to think that I needed the skeleton of a facilitation guide for the future to remind us of the unique conversation that formed around our discussion of the text. The questions may prove useful if anyone else wants to launch a Time Salon with this text or another. This summary is also woefully incomplete so supplement or correct the record as you see fit. - Tekhen INTRODUCTION Following space and host presentation. Participants were invited to introduce themselves within the following framework. What should we call you? Head-Heart-Hand [What is in/on your head? What is issuing forth from your heart? What is being formed of your hands?] Choose from one of Iman Milner’s six questions [How are you? How can I help you? Are you happy? Have you eaten? Do you want company? I love you (not a question...I know).] Transitioning to four posted prompts, we reflected on two Octavia Butler quotes central to the development of “Emergent Strategy” and engaged in two reflective activities whose output would accompany us throughout the remaining sessions. “All successful life is Adaptable, Opportunistic, Tenacious, Interconnected, and Fecund. Understand this. Use it. Shape God.” - Octavia Butler “All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change. God Is Change.” - Earthseed Verses, “Parable of the Sower” (text not cited on original poster) Our first activity began with a set of named emblems designed by Complex Movements for their “Beware Of The Dandelions” project referenced on pg. 44-46 of the text. The emblems represent biological principles analogous to how we define and develop our approach to human societies. These symbols will be employed in a future activity where participants will select an emblem most closely aligning with their mission, purpose or personal intention and share with the group reasons behind their selection. Images are attached to this post in the order they appear listed in the book and on the prompt. “Mycelium Ants Ferns Wavicle Starlings Dandelions” Our second activity was a “Protect & Reflect” board intended originally as a location to post ideas and reflections we were taking away from the session. This prompt later evolved into a circular agenda for posting session milestones, intentions for future review or fragments of spells and developing mantras. At this stage, we moved into an open reflection period where participants were offered the option to choose a passage or idea from the text which most resonated with them. Dialogue began to flow organically at this stage. Models of leadership. What are some of the limitations of our current approach to organizational leadership? Is hierarchy inherently flawed or merely inappropriate for all situations? How might holarchy or engaging an organization as a complex, adaptive whole organism with autonomous self organizing parts change how we lead? Perception. How does perception impact our views on leadership and organizing? Do lions view themselves as “kings”? Or are they merely playing one role in a natural system? Do human intelligence and storytelling faculties allow us assign or assume meaning in the absence of actual “evidence”? Knowing. What constitutes evidence? How do we come to know what we know? Are we willing to trust other methods or ways of knowing? How might an understanding of fractals change how we think about collective knowledge and tribal memory? Personal agenda. How does the presence of a personal agenda lead to organizational conflict? Is the conflict rooted in a lack of integrity? Would these conflicts be resolved if everyone was more transparent about their agenda at the outset? In a living organism, does each cell have its own agenda? How do these cells accommodate when the agenda of the larger organism changes? INQUIRY: Do you have a mission statement? Mission Statement. How can the development of a personal mission statement affect the choices you make about when and how you engage with others? Would offering your mission statement to others provide them with a better understanding of how you envision your personal work and purpose aligning with that of the project or organization? Vulnerability. What do you require of a space to become comfortable with vulnerability and authenticity? What does vulnerability make possible? How is “listening” invoked throughout “Emergent Strategy”? What are its interior and exterior implications? Creativity. What is the relationship between creativity and vitality? What emotions or outcomes do people notice within themselves when invoking that creative “genius”? What wisdom does creativity lend us for the design of human systems and societies? Does creativity as theory or practice hold any potential dangers? CLOSING RITUAL: What do you need from this session? MANTRA: “Emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.” - Nick Obolensky One Word Reflection (Name is merely suggestive). Participants offered one word (or a collection of words/thoughts/ideas) which expressed their experience during the session. Those same words were written upon post-it notes and recorded on the “Protect & Reflect” board. HOME RITUAL: Read chapters on Fractals and Intentional Adaptation Begin outlining personal mission statement or reflect on the one you already have to see how Emergent Strategy applies. Review principles associated with Complex Movements Emblem System and choose an emblem which aligns with your intention
  • This group was mentioned during the discussion. If you are not already a member, it comes highly recommended as one of Tuesday's participants had a serendipitous encounter with the event page here that led to their attendance. Plus adrienne engages often here offering supplementary content that relates directly and tangentially with concepts of emergent strategy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/141660199344603/
  • IN SUMMARY: So I am a technologist, occasional writer and person who has lost enough data over the years to know better than to write anything in a text box on a website which has no buffering memory or auto save capability. But...🙄...I was on a clip tonight and feeling deeply reflective about the session. Plus I knew some people who did not attend were waiting for the summary. Guess what? I got two or three pages (by FB status standards) into a facilitation review and then touchpad-someway-text box-explosion. Therefore I am going to revisit this summary at a slower pace and in a more piecemeal fashion later in the day while recognizing that everything I touch I change. I have already touched those memories and they have already changed. In practice of tribal memory, I would like to open up the space in the comments below for you to archive your most resonant moments from the session. It may activate another inspired rant on my part or just nudge me to not worry too deeply over the sunk costs of words which will not be said in the same way as they first arrived. I am also sure that others would enjoy sharing in the moment with you whether or not they were able to attend Tuesday's session. Towards emergence and around again! Tekhen
  • For those inquiring about the origin of those six questions from the session introduction, you can find a link to a recent blog entry about questions as conversational currency plus a podcast recommendation which may help you negotiate those mile deep roots through an exploration of "love" and "human". It is a series of dialogues which has helped me locate and present better questions to the humans in my life. https://wp.me/p8QmMV-50
  • What's the source of the 6 questions Michael Tekhen Strode? Thanks!
  • Heading out now, running late; see you soon...