21. December 2017 - 20:00 till 23:59
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Abby Vice // Henry Mansfield // The Last Troubadour at Urban | Urban Artifact | Thursday, 21. December 2017

Abby Vice, Henry Mansfield, and The Last Troubadour playing at Cincinnati's Urban Artifact!

Henry Mansfield
Splitting the heat between Seattle and Boston, Henry Mansfield brings a songwriter's introspection to the rock genre. Mansfield draws from the world around him and the world in his head, singing tales on topics from escapist pigs to a broken relationship. With his Steve Martin on the bass and John Keyes on the drums, his arrangements are brought to life in dramatic and innovative fashion. His most recent release, "Aside" is now available in local retailers and online.


The Last Troubadour
The Last Troubadour is a band consisting of 4 guys playing music they love and music that hits hard to each and everyone who listens. As a concept band, the music follows a story written by lead singer Frankie Hill, talking of love, retribution, betrayal and deception. The band has had many triumphs including being named "The Sound of Cincinnati" by Bogarts in a battle of the bands competition.


Abby Vice
Abby Vice is a self-taught piano player Cincinnati, Ohio. Piano-driven downtempo electronic music drives her live performances- often incorporating live musical collaboration, live art, and flow artists. With a passion for classical piano, hip hop, and electronic music, Vice merges these genres and often incorporates nature sounds. Her goal is to use the universal language of instrumental music as a means to connect with others through sound waves.


The Last Troubadour, Abby Vice, Ben Porter (violin), Chris Himes and Brandon Masters (of Zebras in Public) will be coming together for a special holiday jam for you guys at the end of the night :D