20. January 2018 - 11:00 till 15:00
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2018 Women's March on NYC | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Join the world! On January 20th NYC will raise its voice again to demand equality for all humans at the 2018 Women’s March on NYC.

Over the past year, basic rights for women, immigrants, LGBTQ+, the religious and nonreligious, people of color and even Mother Earth have struggled to survive under the weight of the current administration. America’s First Amendment has been challenged and healthcare for millions has been threatened. We must stand together to demand and defend our rights. Let your voice echo from the streets of New York City to the capital city. Show the world that red, white and blue are colors of tolerance.

We will not be silent!

FAQ: https://womensmarchalliance.org/2018wm/2018wm-faq/

VOLUNTEER: Be part of the movement! https://womensmarchalliance.org/2018wm/2018wmvolunteers/

DONATE: This march can't happen without your generous donations: https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/WomensMarchAllianceCorp/2018wm

OTHER MARCHES: https://www.facebook.com/pg/womensmarchonnyc/events/

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  • I am joining
  • I just registered online and received a ticket. Not sure what else to do except show up......see you there.
  • If you're really serious about all this, then let's organize at least 10 million people (a measly 3% of the population) to camp out outside the White House and the Congress for as long it takes until they sign a contract to meet our demands.
  • Will be out of town...
  • Ashley Bennett, Newly Elected Atlantic County, NJ Freeholder, to Speak Alongside Notable Human Rights Activists at New York City Women’s March Bennett defeated an incumbent who drew criticism for sexist remarks on Facebook. She joins a fleet of leading human rights activists on-stage at the Women’s March. The Women’s March Alliance announced on December 4, 2017, that Ashley Bennett, the newly elected member of the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders, will be a featured speaker at the Women’s March on January 20th. Bennett, a first-time politician, defeated incumbent, John Carman, after he drew rounds of criticism for sexist, misogynistic comments made on Twitter. Today’s announcement comes as nearly 50 cities across the world have confirmed their own marches in solidarity and support of human rights. Bennett’s election was part of a wave of political victories across the country for women in the midst of heightened awareness of gender inequality and widespread sexism. An unprecedented number of women ran for elected office this year. The Virginia House of Delegates saw a record number of seats won by women, among them, the first Latina, the first Asian-American, and the first transgender woman elected to that body. Jenny Durkan became the first female mayor of Seattle since the 1920s and Michelle Kaufusi became the first woman elected mayor in Provo, Utah in 157 years. These are just a few examples of the sea change that occurred in early November. “I am thrilled to join the Women’s March in New York City on January 20th. This is another great opportunity to join together in unity and show that everyone is deserving of respect, dignity, and kindness. When I look at the staggering number of women elected to office last month, and the growing awareness of gender inequality, I am filled with optimism that no one will ever make the mistake of mocking the power of women again,” Ms. Bennett said. Bennett will join noted speakers such as social media activist and original #MeToo founder Tarana Burke, domestic abuse warrior Aryn Quinn, award-winning musician and activist Cecilia Eljuri, immigration activist Angy Rivera, author Sulma Arzu-Brown, and disability activist Nadina LaSpina. The march is apolitical, instead focusing on human rights as a global concern paramount to political affiliation or leaning. Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Sacramento, Boston, Orlando, Miami, and Nashville are just some of the many cities organizing marches on January 20th. Each march is organized and produced by local groups of women with no national coordinating effort, but with a sense of solidarity and unity in the fight for human rights. Rising out of the local Women’s March on NYC, Women’s March Alliance is a nonprofit whose focus is on building strategic alliances with grassroots organizations to provide our community with a wide range of opportunities that empower them to demand and defend their rights. WMA aims to unify the voices and resources of grassroots organizations to collectively foster an informed and engaged community that both understands the current state of human rights across the globe and has the tools necessary to defend and advance those rights. Our mission is to amplify the collective voice and resources of human rights organizations.
  • Does anyone know if there will be a Women’s March on Long Island in 2018?
  • Get the pink hats out.
  • If anyone is interested, I started a Skedaddle bus to this NYC Women’s March. It will leave from the Milford Mall. CTSI also has one leaving from Guilford!
  • **** ya if that stupid orange clown in still in office, I will be there!!!!
  • Yes! Can’t wait to march on behalf of all the females (and males for that matter) aborted every day and their unheard voice and rights! #prolifegeneration
  • Idea: it would be so powerful to have a moment of kneeling during the protest. Kneeling is historically a gesture of respect - we would reintegrate the notions of RESPECT for our country/flag and PROTEST of our current government. We could make it a NATIONWIDE set time of kneeling - say 12pm - with everyone across the country leaving their homes to kneel outside for three minutes.
  • Dear Women's March, Why not march in DC again to commemorate the historic march last year on this date? Is anything happening on Jan. 20th in DC? When will the promotion of this march begin? I am not seeing much so far. I did see something about an Impeachment march in DC on Jan. 20th but now cannot find any organizing of this. I'm totally confused and disappointed!
  • Hello awesome women! Anyone know where this march will be marching TO... is there a destination in mind? Just trying to sort out our group's logistics. Thanks ❤
  • Would love to attend❤️🇺🇸
  • Dashawn we should do this!
  • Is there a march route like last year in NYC? Will we be headed toward Trump tower again?
  • OK, PEOPLE: The 2018 Women's March is on Facebook for January 20 NYC, D.C., Lansing, Annapolis, Boston, Northampton, LA, Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Missoula, Nashville, New Orleans, Providence, Houston, Chicago, Oakland, San Diego, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Winston Salem. AND MORE. Detroit recently hosted a convention + planning party and NYC is planning for voter registration, MeToo brigades, and an arts fest. MASSES IN MOTION!!
  • Hat is ready! #NotYourLameHat
  • western Mass friends... there will be events that day in Greenfield and Northampton... consider staying local...
  • PLEASE work with the march on washington on the 27th and organize one big march. We need that now.
  • I wish the women's groups would coordinate... I can't make marches on a regular. Could admin reach out to the "Me Too" organizers?I feel that this march should be all inclusive.
  • What Avenue will we go down this year?
  • Count me in! Here's some tips to stay safe and stay legal. https://youtu.be/rPMHZ_kbEeU
  • We are promoting on FB, Twitter and our activism platform: http://nyc.civicaction.center/event/2018-womens-march-nyc
  • Thanks Marilyn. Cya there.