31. October 2019 - 18:30
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4 Weeks online Creative Writing Course | Thursday, 31. October 2019

In honour of  Seshat, the goddess of writing, wisdom and knowledge this intensive Creative Writing course introduces you to processes involved in writing a story in your chosen form. We will guide you to explore the many personal and community experiences that serve as resources for great story building and characterisations. It will give you the chance to organise your writing to express creative fluency and structure. Students will explore a range of oral and written texts to guide their comprehension of the different styles and forms involved in creative writing.
Course aims:

To provide an introduction to processes involved in creative writing and storytelling, including oral forms
For students to locate their material within personal, social, historical and cultural contexts
To enable students to examine key techniques of developing fluent, well-structured and composed pieces of fiction and creative non-fiction to help shape their writing

Learning and teaching:
For the first time this Way Wive Wordz Course will be delivered online. It will involve a series of set tasks, wrting, reading and analysing written and oral pieces. Students will discuss and review each other's contribution in small break out groups. The large group sessions will involve students participating by reading and critically commenting on established writings as well as their own compositions. 
WEEK 1 Thursday October 31st: The Source - "If you wanna fly, you got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down" (Toni Morrison)
This forms the basis of articulating your motivations and inspirations for writing. Students will be invited to review personal and community life experiences that impact their imagination, consciously or unconsciously, that are unrealised resources for creative expression.
WEEK 2 Thursday November 7th: The Sketch - Small Steps Build Pyramids
In this session students will begin to outline their specific writing interests. They will be given an overview of genres through which they can tell their stories or articulate their experiences. 
WEEK 3 Thursday November 14th: The Colour - "Stories are not innocent they can put you in the wrong crowd - in the party of the man that has come to dispossess you" (Chinua Achebe)
This week students begin to sharpen their eye of objectivity to be more critical about their work and the works of others. This will enable the composition of more qualitative forms of expression and a better sense of how to organise the experiences that will form the basis of their writings. 
WEEK 4 Thursday November 21st: Seshat - expostion and expression of final piece/s
In this final session, students will bring together the material and experiences learned from the previous weeks ('knowledge') and present a chosen peice they feel fully represent their progress and confidence ("wisdom").
Course Tutor:
Dr Michelle Yaa Asantewa  is a writer, editor and independent scholar. She facilitates a variety of workshops that are academic, creative, spiritual and cultural. She is the founder of Way Wive Wordz Publishing, Editing and Tuition Services, through which she has published novels Elijah, Something Buried in the Yard, The Awakening collection of poems, a book on African derived spiritual practice: Guyanese Komfa: the ritual art of Trance and **** Lou Tales: a folkloric biography of a Guyanese Elder. She writes a regular blog waywivewordzspiritualcreative which combines spiritual, social, cultural and artistic expression.
COURSE VALUE: £150.00: 50% Discount to £75.00 with an EARLY BIRD offer of £60.00 when BOOKED by August 20th.
PREVIOUS STUDENTS who attended any single WAY WIVE WORDZ Creative Writing Workshop automatically qualifies for the EARLY BIRD rate of £58.00 plus booking fees.