01. July 2019 - 9:00
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5-Week Digestive Boost Challenge with a Registered Nutritionist | Monday, 01. July 2019

Get ready for 5 weeks that will help you improve your digestion and make you feel lighter and leaner. 
If you can’t complete the programme in 5 weeks, no worries! You will always have access to the programme, so you can complete it at a later time if necessary.  

This programme includes: 

An explanation of the importance of healthy digestion (video)

A 5-week diet and lifestyle plan with separate pages giving details on each point (pdf)

Information on common digestive issues (pdf)

FREE details on common symptoms associated with digestive issues (link below)

10 tips to improve your digestion (pdf)

What to do next (video)

7-day meal plan to get you started (pdf)

An abundance of FREE happy gut recipes (see menu bar)

A closed Facebook group where we can motivate each-other and share our progress

Regular email support​

​The programme is suitable for meat-eaters, vegans and vegetarians. 

During this 5-week programme, we will focus on improving our digestion using a diet and lifestyle plan that is specifically designed for this purpose. If you often feel like your energy levels take a big dip in the afternoon, you feel exhausted at night, irritable, crave sugar and your head feels foggy, then your digestive system is probably not working at its best. Weak digestion can impact your health and well-being and lead to several common symptoms. If you have identified any of these occurring regularly then this programme may be for you.​

Sugar and processed food cravings

Bloating and gas

Constant fatigue

Bad breath

Food sensitivities

Skin issues

Frequent illness

Mood issues

Click here for more information on these symptoms.
How exactly will this programme boost my digestion?  
We will activate your body's own ability to return to optimum health by boosting your digestion. It is important to pay attention to your own body's needs because everyone is unique. This will give you a deeper understanding of your body and how it works, and teach you the language of your own body's signals! 
The programme will help improve digestion by:

Identifying gut irritants

Eliminating these irritants for 3 weeks

Making small diet and lifestyle changes on a weekly basis

Incorporating gut healing foods

Helping with elimination and balancing blood sugar

A 7-day meal plan and several healthy recipes are available which are designed to help incorporate these changes. You won’t have to wonder what to eat during this time. All you need to do is to set some time aside in your kitchen to prepare the recipes for your week ahead. Variety is key, therefore it is important to make suitable substitutions to the meal plan on a weekly basis.

The programme is not focused on calorie counting, but rather on making small changes that can have a huge positive impact in your life. If you are having difficulties incorporating all the changes, don't worry, even a few small changes will already make a difference. 

What to expect at the end of the programme

​At the end of the programme, you will have a greater understanding of your body and the foods that are beneficial for you. You should expect to feel lighter, have regular bowel movements, a less cloudy mind and more energy. 
The programme offers you the perfect way to welcome the warmer season and fight the common spring fatigue by increasing your vitality, improving your mood and focusing on your health and well-being.  
​More information: https://www.livebetterhealth.co.uk/digestionprogramme