02. August 2018 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Arrest Plan Workshop | | Thursday, 02. August 2018

At risk of arrest? Plan for it!
Arrests are scary. Experiencing an arrest means you’re subjected to the full extent of state violence and cruelty. Getting arrested and thrown into county jail can be disorienting, stressful, and traumatizing, for both you and your loved ones.
While there is no true way of eliminating the stress and violence of an arrest (except, you know, abolishing them outright), making a plan in anticipation of one can help reduce the stress of the first few days after an arrest and assist those closest to you in providing support.
In this workshop we will step through creating an arrest plan. Your arrest plan can be used to communicate important emergency contact information, phone tree, bail fund information, social media communications, and other information that you would not want overheard and recorded by law enforcement in the event you are arrested.
When: Thursday, August 2 at 6 PM PST
Where: Oakland, CA - location to be disclosed prior to event
Who: This workshop will be presented by Red Light Legal and made possible by Bay Area Provider Support. This workshop is for *** workers and people profiled as *** workers. 
*Snacks and light refreshments will be provided. 
*Space accessibility information forthcoming.
Red Light Legal is the non-profit project of Kristina Dolgin, proving legal services and support to people working in the *** industry. For more information check out redlightlegal.org or email Kristina at kristina@redlightlegal.org.
Bay Area Pros Support is a group advocating for the health, safety & livelihoods of Bay SWers through direct support & community organizing. 
Privacy Policy: Red Light Legal understands that the confidentiality and privacy of people in the *** industry are of the utmost importance. We will absolutely never share or sell your information to researchers, state representatives, or any other individual or entity. We cannot make assurances on behalf of Eventbrite however, and suggest that folks check out their respective privacy policies and take whatever measures deemed necessary to feel safe.