10. September 2019 - 8:00
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AT YOUR OWN PACE - PUBLISH YOUR BOOK PROGRAM | Your home, coffee shop, anywhere you would like to begin learning | Tuesday, 10. September 2019

Do you have a book manuscript that is just waiting to be published? If so, I have one question for you: what in the heck are you waiting for? 
By having your manuscript finished, you are 33% of the way to making your book a reality! And this At Your Own Pace: Publish Your Book Program will move you to the next milestone: 66%.
Whether you decide to pitch your manuscript to a literary agent, go directly to a publisher or self-publish your book, Ann Marie Sabath will help you make it happen! She has published 10 books and will give you both the traditional and self-publishing pros and cons. She will also take you step-by-step through the process that you choose. 
By the time you finish listening to her six 15-minute videocasts, you, too will will become politely relentless about getting your book published! And best of all, Ann Marie is with you along the way! 
Why be a writer when you can become a published author! 
Below are the topics in these six 15-minute sessions:
Session 1 .Your Manuscript Is Finished: Now What? .Professional Or Friend: Getting Your Manuscript Edited .What To Expect From An Editor .Proposal Or Manuscript: What To Submit To A Publisher .What To Include In A Proposal: .For Fiction .For Nonfiction .In What Form Should You Submit Your Manuscript?
Session 2 .The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Literary Agent .How To Spot A ***-Artist Agent .When You Choose To Submit Your Work Directly To A Publisher .What To Include In Your Query Letter .How To Protect Your Rights When Submitting Your Manuscript .Dotting The I’s And Crossing The T’s: The Importance of Interview Release Forms And Other Permission You Will Need
Session 3 .It Happened To Me And It Can Happen To You: How To Position Yourself So That A Publisher Contacts YOU! .Traditional Publishing Book Contacts: Reading Between The Lines .What Is A Sell Sheet And What To Include In It .Should You Sent Your Proposal To Multiple Publishing Houses Simultaneously? .How To Condition Yourself To Take Rejection Professionally Rather Than Personally .The Way To Have The Last Word With Publishers Who Reject You And/Or May Not Acknowledge Your Submission
Session 4 .The Advantage of Self-Publishing Your Book .What Is An ISBN And Where To Buy It .Budding Authors Beware: How To Identify A Reputable Self-Publishing House .Your Book Cover: Giving Your Book A **** That Will Sell .Why Seasoned And Budding Authors Alike Choose The Self-Publishing Route .Self-Publishing Book Contracts: Learning To Read Between The Lines
Session 5 .The Investment You Should Expect To Make When Self-Publishing Your Book .When Illustrations And Graphics Are Part Of Your Manuscript .Self-Publishing Book Contracts: Learning To Read Between The Lines .How To Price Your Book .What Does Print On Demand Mean And How To Make It Work To Your Advantage .How Many Books You Should Commit To Buying Before Your Book Is Even Published
Session 6 .Is Publishing A Digital Book Sufficient? .Audiobook Anyone? .How To Set Up An Amazon Page For Your Self-Published Book .What To Include In Your Book Description .Scheduling Time To Be On-Call For That Final Edit Before Your Book Goes To Press .The Three Essential Factors To Prepare For Your Book To Be A Winner!

Bonus: After you listen to this 90-minute program, Ann Marie welcomes you to schedule one 30-minute complimentary consultation with her to assist you in successfully marketing your book!

To register for The At Your Own Pace: Publish Your Book online course, CLICK HERE.