21. September 2050 - 22:00
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BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE | Wednesday, 21. September 2050

I don't know if this Bill Murray party crashing tour is real (http://superofficialnews.com/bill-murray-kicks-off-party-crashing-tour-starting-in-august/), but if so it would be pretty much the greatest event in the history of western civilization. And even though RVA is not on the list of cities (Yet!), I have faith that Bill Murray will recognize the awesomeness of our fair city and add us between Philly and Baltimore (http://www.superofficialnews.com/bill_murray_party_tour.pdf). So come on out and sing some karaoke and partake in a Bill Motherfuckin' Murray Jello shot mosaic and party with (or like you're) Bill Murray.

And if he doesn't show up, we'll make up stories about how he was here anyway because NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU.